Parallels Mac

Parallels Desktop 12 announced with 25% faster performance

The new version of Parallels introduces new tools and Xbox gaming Parallels users with old versions (10 or 11) of the program can soon upgrade to Parallels Desktop 12 for $49.99, while the new customers will be able to buy a new license for $99. Parallels Desktop 12 has been just announced, and the program offers 25% performance boost compared to the old versions, according to the company. Parallels is a professional tool for anybody who want to run Windows 10 or another Desktop operating system on a Mac. In addition to speed improvements, the new version brings a couple[…]

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iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in Gold pose for high-quality photos

The iPhone 7 may have only one speaker after all The upcoming iPhone 7 duo has been revealed leaked once again in photos. High-quality images of dummy iPhone units have been posted by Letem Svetem Applem, and the website claims that Apple will launch the new models in Silver, Gold, Rose Gold and Deep blue colors. The rumors about a Blue color option has already appeared earlier this summer, but it was later rejected as inaccurate. The phones shown on the images are in Gold. They look exactly as we all expected based on the numerous leaks and rumors. The[…]

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iPhone 7 benchmark

iPhone 7 Plus benchmark results revealed some of the specs

Pressure-sensitive home button will replace the physical button Despite the fact that the iPhone 7 line-up won’t receive a significant hardware upgrade, it seems that Apple has some surprises in the sleeve. Aside improvements in the aesthetics by eliminating the antenna bands from the back, and a putting a brand new camera (possibly dual-lens) on the back, Apple is likely to remove the traditional physical switch button and introduce a brand new, pressure-sensitive button that stays flat with the rest of the phone. Other hardware refreshments can be found in the processor, a faster LTE chip, and a bit larger[…]

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Apple Watch

Apple Watch 2 with a bigger battery set to launch in 2016

Apple may also release an improved Apple Watch 1-gen Many improvements will be coming to the Apple Watch line-up in the second-half of 2016, according to world’s most notable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. He believes that Apple will launch the second-generation Apple Watch sometime this year, and Apple Watch 2 will likely include a new chipset, a larger battery, waterproofing and GPS. Kuo reveals that AppleWatch 2 will remain with the same screen size and thickness as the original model, but thanks to a thinner screen Apple will put a higher capacity battery inside the metal casing. The company could[…]

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Fully-functioning lightning EarPods for iPhone 7 demoed on video

The new earphones for iPhone 7 possibly revealed in video As you probably know, Apple is ditching the traditional earphones for the iPhone 7, removing the conventional 3.5mm audio jack and designing EarPods that use the Lightning port instead. This decision is rather controversial for the fans, as their old earphones won’t work without a converter, and the users won’t be able to charge the phone and listen to music at the same time. Iphone 7 without a 3.5 mm headphone jack has already appeared in a number of leaked videos, revealing the phone’s similar appearance to the current model.[…]

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instagram stories

Instagram introduces ‘Stories’ with Snapchat-inspired privacy settings

Share photos and videos in a single slideshow In attempts to make Instagram more personal and attractive for users, Facebook is introducing a new feature called Stories. It’s like a News Feed known from other social networks, but the Instagram users could create a ‘story’ – a single slideshow made of multiple photos and videos. These slideshows could be shared to a single follower, more than one, or all followers. Instagram Stories is very similar to the Snapchat feature with the same name. In fact, one of the co-founders confirms that Instagram has been inspired by Shapchat’s Stories which became[…]

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iOS 10

Apple seeds new iOS and macOS betas to public testers

iOS 10 Beta 3 available to download Apple rolled out the third public betas of iOS and macOS Sierra to interested public testers. Members of the public testing program can now download iOS 10 beta 3 and enjoy a couple of minor performance improvements and fixes for their iPhones and iPads. The third iOS beta includes new keyboard sounds, changes in the control center page, and over a hundred new emoji you can use. With this beta, Apple is a step closer to the official roll out of iOS 10 to all production devices this fall, something that should coincide[…]

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iphone 6s gold

Apple sold 40.4 million iPhones in Q2 2016

Samsung leads the market with a 22.4% share In the week when Apple sold the 1 billionth iPhone, IDC released its quarterly report about the top smartphone vendors for the third fiscal quarter of the year that reflects the sales in the three months ending June 2016. According to the report, Apple sold 15% less phones than the same period last year. The iPhone sales totaled 40.4 million in Q2 2016, in comparison to the 47.5 million for the same period last year. However, Apple usually registers its lowest sales in that quarter, because of the new models launching in[…]

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Microsoft Pix

Microsoft Pix is a new camera app for better photos

You can now take smarter photos with your iPhone Microsoft has released a new camera app for iOS that claims to be better and smarter than the stock iPhone app. The new app is called Microsoft Pix. It has not many settings, nor manual controls, but under the hood there is artificial intelligence for great results in all lighting conditions. Thanks to special algorithms developed by Microsoft, the app automatically adjusts the camera settings according to the scene. For example, Microsoft Pix for iOS selectively makes certain parts of the image brighter, which helps a lot in scenes with background light[…]

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Improvements in Safari for iOS 10 detailed by Apple

Apple plans to improve the browsing experience in iOS 10 Apple is preparing a big update for its Safari browser with the official launch of iOS 10 later this year. The company is already teasing some of the improvements, through public and developer’s beta of the platform, but now we get some more information about Safari for iOS10. According to software engineers working on the browser, Safari will get improved animated gif viewing and the way videos are played. Writing for the Webkit blog, Jer Noble explains that the user experience while viewing GIFs will be simplified in iOS 10.[…]

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