iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus hit the stores, the 128 GB variant is the most popular

The new iPhones are now officially on sale Apple’s retail locations and online stores around the world have begun selling the new models, while the first customers have already received their shipments made in the last two weeks. As usual with the iPhone launches, the new smartphones caused plenty of impatient customers lining up around the stores to get a device. Now as a few days has passed, we can learn that the bigger 5.5-inch iPhone is more popular than the 4.7-inch variant in the United States. The initial sales report shows that more than 50% of the customers have[…]

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iOS 10

iOS 10 has been released to everyone

Apple rolls out the official iOS 10 update As promised during the iPhone 7 launch event earlier this month, Apple released the official iOS 10 update to everyone with iPhone 5S or newer on September 13. This update brought problems for those who installed iOS 10 over-the-air in the first hours, bricking their smartphones and prompting a restore via iTunes. Fortunately, the company eliminated the problem very quickly and only a small percent of the devices were affected. iOS 10 is available for your device as an OTA update and you can download it by going to the Settings ->[…]

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First camera samples from the iPhone 7 Plus dual-lens camera

Official photos taken with the 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus Sunday’s NFL game between the Titans and the Vikings was a great time for Sports Illustrated photographer D. Klutho to test the brand new iPhone 7 Plus and the innovative dual-lens camera setup. Klutho captured several photos with the 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus and tested its zoom capabilities, and wider aperture for photos and videos. All images were captured during good light conditions and we can see that the iPhone produces crisp photos with vibrant colors. However, this is not the best thing in the new model’s camera, as most modern[…]

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ios 10

Apple’s iOS 10 update coming to eligible devices on Sept.13

IOS 10 will be available for download next week The update from iOS 9 to iOS 10 will be available for modern iPhones and iPads on September 13, according to Apple’s iPhone 7 press-conference. Apple has revealed that the official update will be coming to iPhone 5S or newer, iPad 2 or newer, iPod 6 or newer. iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will ship with iOS pre-installed. Keep in mind that like all major updates, iOS 10 could also show up your iPhone a bit later, day or two after the official release date – Sept.13. We’ve already published[…]

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Lightning Dock for $49 if you want to charge an iPhone 7 and use wired headphones

How to listen to music while charging at the same time? While Apple claims to have removed the traditional headphone jack for good, making the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus water resistant and comparable with the new EarPods, the company has also caused troubles for those users who want to listen to wired headphones and charge the phone at the same time. The company is offering a free Lightning adapter for wired headphones in addition to the new EarPods with the new connector, but if you want to charge and listen to music at the same time, this is[…]

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iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are now official with many improvements

Force-sensitive home button, improved camera and more Apple yesterday announced its 2017 hardware refresh to the iPhone. The 7th major version comes in two screen sizes – 4.7-inch & 5.5-inch. Despite the fact that Apple increased the numbering from 6 to 7, the new iPhone are not so dramatically different compared with the old generation. However, there are a number of small, visible and hidden changes which every fan of the iPhone should admire. The new models feature a 64-bit processor A10 Fusion which, according to benchmark tests, is faster than A9 found in the iPad Pro. iPhone 7 and[…]

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Early benchmark tests reveal a quite capable iPhone 7

iPhone 7 is faster than the iPad Pro While everybody’s eyes are on the big Apple event tomorrow, waiting to see what Tim Cook has cooked up, the iPhone 7’s leaks and rumors haven’t stopped popping up. The latest leak comes in a form of a benchmark test, to reveal us interesting details about the 4.7-inch iPhone 7’s performance. The Geekbench test has listed a device codenamed iPhone 9,3 with 2GB of RAM, which means we are talking about the smaller iPhone (4.7-inch). We have already reported that only the 5.5-inch iPhone may be getting more RAM (3GB). However, even[…]

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iPhone 7 line up

iPhone 7 might be launched in limited quantities because of faulty components

Apple may face supply shortages in September While Apple is gearing up to release the hardware refresh of the iPhone in September, problems in the supply chain may result in a limited market availability in the first days or weeks. Iphone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are made of hundreds of components, and if some of them are faulty, the initial supplies of the smartphones could not meet the demand. Problems with unknown parts of the iPhone have emerged, according to multiple report, and the companies involved are now trying to fix those issues so that the iPhones could be[…]

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Note 7 samsung galaxy

Apple’s iPhone for 2017 may use curved glass

iPhone 8 could have a fashionable curved glass like the Galaxy Edge Samsung is well-known with its trendy curved glass displays used for phones like the Galaxy 7 Edge and Note 7. These double-curved front panels look shiny, but provides nothing much except aesthetically pleasing look and premium feel. Apple is almost ready to release the iPhone 7 line-up this fall, and we already know that these smartphones will look very close to the current iPhone 6. But next year is the 10th anniversary of iPhone and Apple may be preparing something more exciting in both hardware and software department,[…]

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Apple almost ready with iOS 10, releases the seventh beta

Public testers and developers can install iOS 10 beta 7 Apple is gearing up to officially present iOS 10 sometime in September, and this release will likely coincide with the iPhone 7 / 7 Plus launch next month. While we all are getting closer to the launch date, Apple is giving those of you who more adventurous the ability to install and test the software before the regular users. Now it is time for the 7th iOS 10 beta. Apple has released iOS 10 Beta 7 as an over-the-Air update to all users who installed the 6th version, and as[…]

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