Apple vs Samsung

Samsung infringing Apple’s ‘slide to unlock’, need to pay $120 million

Apple has won a lawsuit against Samsung Samsung has violated several iPhone patents, and one of them is the popular ‘Slide to unlock’, according to a recent U.S. Federal court decision. Cupertino was suing Samsung for infringing some phone patents and the final decision was made on Friday. The US court has ruled with 8-3 vote that Samsung needs to pay Apple $119.6 million as a compensation for patent infringements (via Bloomberg). An earlier verdict had lowered the money, with information based on sources outside of the trial records suggesting that Samsung has not intentionally infringed the patents. But the[…]

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iPhone 6 Silver

Apple is being sued over iPhone 6 Touch Disease

A growing number of customers have complained about unresponsive touch. Touch Disease is a relatively widespread problem among iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users that affects the touch functionality of the screen, making the display partially or fully unresponsive. The problem has been reported in North America since August, and it appears that Touch Disease affects only the 6-th generation of iPhones (not the ‘S’ version) because of a design flaw that makes the devices vulnerable, eventually leading to loosing or breaking the connection between the touch ID chips and the motherboard. But the real problem with the Touch[…]

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Google Pixel XL

Apple iPhone 7 Plus vs Google Pixel XL – which is better?

How does the Pixel XL compare against the iPhone 7 Plus? Google has recently unveiled its new Pixel line of phones, and positioned it much higher than the old Nexus phones in terms of price. With these two phones, Google finally announced its own branded mobile devices, although they are manufactured by a hardware partner – in this case – HTC. One may ask why Google came up with prices that are identical to the prices of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, thus apparently abandoning the affordable, yet powerful image of the existing Nexus line. With its departure from[…]

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slow down app 64-bit

Apple pressures developers to update their old 32-bit apps

iOS 10.1 displays warning messages for old apps. Back in 2013, Apple presented its first iPhone with a 64-bit processor – iPhone 5s. From day one, Apple encouraged all iOS developers to update their apps and add support for the new processors, eventually making the 64-bit support mandatory in early 2015 as the majority of the smartphones in active use back then were already powered by 64-bit chips. In September, with the announcement of the iOS 10, Apple informed the developers that apps without support for 64-bit would be removed from the App Store by the end of the year.[…]

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iPad Pro

New iPad Pro tablets planned for Spring 2017

Three iPad Pros could be released in 2017 Apple is planning a hardware refresh of its iPad Pro line for the first half of 2017. According to the Japanese website MacOtakara, Apple might announce three new iPad Pro devices in Spring 2017. Mac Otakara, based on information from “reliable sources”, reveals that Apple will introduce 7.9-inch, 10.1 and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models in 2017. The Japanese blog also explains that the new models, including the 12.9-inch version, will feature a True Tone display that automatically adapts its colors depending on the environment. The same solution has already been used for[…]

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Top brands 2016

Apple crowned the number one brand in the world for 2016

The 2016 ranking shows a 5% increase in Apple’s brand value Apple remains firmly on the top of the ranking of the most valuable brands in the world, according to Interbrand. The company has a brand value estimated to worth $178,119 billion this year, which means that Apple has increased its brand valuation by 5% compared with 2015. Among the top 4 companies are also Google ($133 billion), Coca Cola (declining 7% to $73,1 billion) and Microsoft (gaining 8 percent to $72,8 billion). Apple’s valuation increase shows that the company has a very strong presence even in times when the iPhone[…]

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Activation lock iphone

Activation Lock issue can make your new iPhone useless

Users complaining about iPhones linked to unknown accounts A security issue with the Apple ID email address could make your iPhone Activation Locked. Customers who have just bought new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus devices reported on public forums (via MacRumors) that their phones have been locked after an activation attempt because they have already been linked to an unknown ID. The issue is widespread among new iPhone 7 owners, but many with iPhone 6S have also reported similar issues. It seems that there is a security issue with the Apple IDs and the only solution so far is[…]

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ios 10.1 ios10

Second iOS 10.1 public Beta released to the general public

Members of the public beta program can install iOS 10.1 Beta 2 Apple has rolled out the second beta of iOS 10.1 to testers through the public beta testing program. iOS 10.1 Beta 2 brings minor improvements and fixes over Beta 1, coming less than a month after Apple released the official update to iOS 10 for all supported devices. The update is available to download over-the-air through the standard update path for all members of the beta program. To join the testing program you need to sign up on the website. Keep in mind that these betas can include[…]

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Touch ID Apple iPHone button

Apple patent reveals a fingerprint sensor through the display

The 2017 iPhone to ditch the home button Apple has been awarded a patent that describes how a future iPhone may use a fingerprint reader working through the display. The company now owns a patent number 9460332 for a ‘Capacitive fingerprint sensor’ (via Apple Insider) that may lead to an iPhone without a Home button and traditional Touch ID. Apple has been rumored to ditch the traditional home button for the 2017 iPhone, in order to use an edge-to-edge OLED screen for the new models. That means the TouchID module for biometric recognition will be integrated into an iPhone that[…]

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Apple Watch

The wearable device market continues to decline

Apple sells less Watches in 2016 Apple and the other companies producing wearable gadgets are selling fewer models in 2016 compared with 2015, according to Business Insider. Apple Watch, just like other smartwatches, failed to increase its popularity due to a number of reasons. Firstly, there are many ongoing issues which must be resolved by the companies in terms of hardware. For example, the battery life of the mainstream wearable devices is very poor, and the Apple Watch is not an exception. Secondly, the smartwatches suffer from lack of useful applications, while the few available are hard to use because[…]

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