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Apple to unveil the new Macs on October 27

Apple reportedly holds an event next week. Following our recent report about the new Macs announcement possibly scheduled for this month, now new information pops up, suggesting that Apple is planning to hold a press-event in Cupertino next week, on October 27. Apple’s press-conference, where the company will show the refreshed MacBook and iMac line, is planned for October 27, which is a day after Microsoft is expected to show off its refreshed Surface line and an All-in-one Surface PC. Apple’s Macs are long overdue for a hardware refresh, and we expect an improved MacBook Pro lineup with USB Type-C[…]

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iPhone 7 launching in 7 more markets later in October

Apple to release the new iPhones in Korea on October 21. Customers in seven more countries will be able to buy officially the iPhone 7 or the iPhone 7 Plus this month. Apple announced official release dates for the iPhones in seven additional markets, among them South Korea and Colombia. Strangely enough, users in South Korea will be able to purchase an iPhone a month after the device went on sale in the developed countries like the US, UK, Canada and many countries in Europe. Apple is going to release the devices in Korea on October 21. Here are the[…]

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Siri iphone

Apple hires an AI expert to boost the Siri’s capabilities

Artificial Intelligence expert joins Apple. Russ Salakhutdinov, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University, will lead Apple’s AI research department. Apple has recently started to show interest in the AI technologies which could be applied in many of the company’s existing products like Siri. Artificial Intelligence becomes a hot topic, but its potential has not been fully recognized yet. Companies like Google and Microsoft also invested a lot in boosting AI technologies. Google has recently unveiled an improved Assistant in Android that could do far more things than Apple’s Siri. But Apple acquired MapSense and other relatively new and promising technologies[…]

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Report: Apple to discontinue the 11-inch MacBook Air

New MacBook Pro models to be announced in October. Apple is planning to remove the 11-inch MacBook Air from its line, and starts promoting the bigger 13-inch version. The company will reportedly shift its attention to the bigger Air model after the release of new MacBook Pros this month. Apple already undermined the smaller MacBook Air model after the announcement of the 12-inch MacBook. According to a report at Macotakara, Apple is expected to announce new MacBook laptops this month, with some hardware improvements such as the inclusion of an OLED touch panel for functional keys, slimmer profile, USB C[…]

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ios10 screen

Apple seeds iOS 10.1 Beta 4 to public testers and developers

Bug fixes and performance improvements ahead of the official release. Apple today rolled out the fourth public beta of iOS 10.1. A month after Apple rolled out the official iOS 10 update to supported devices, the company is ready to ship its fourth beta of the upcoming iOS 10.1 update that brings some new features to the smartphones. The new beta of iOS 10.1 comes without a change log, but we assume it brings further improvements and fixes ahead of the official non-Beta launch later this year. iOS 10.1 could be downloaded over-the-air by anyone who is registered as a[…]

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Apple iPhone 7 Plus

iOS 10.0.3 rolling out to iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus to fix LTE connectivity issues

Apple released a bug fixing update for iPhone 7 owners The company is releasing an update for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus users around the globe that fixes the cellular connectivity issues while the phone is connected to LTE networks. iOS 10.0.3 is available as an OTA update for all devices, and it fixes the annoying drop of the LTE connection, affecting only the new iPhones, which many users in the US have reported. The iOS 10.0.3 update possibly brings some other under the hood changes to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus users, ahead of the more[…]

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limit ad tracking ios 10 settings

Targeting ads to iOS users becomes more difficult

20 percent of the iOS users in the US have limited Ad Tracking You’ve probably noticed that many of the free apps in the App Store serve ads to support themselves. These ads are far more effective and earn more if they are targeted at the users and their app/browsing habits. Apple’s iOS allows developers to access each individual ID for advertising purposes and better ad targeting. Despite the fact that the ad targeting is turned on by default in all iOS versions, since 2012 the users could opt out of receiving ads based on their interests to a certain[…]

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Tesla Model S

The future of the Apple’s self-driving car is uncertain

2017 will be crucial for the future of the ‘Apple Car’ Apple’s ambitions to create a self-driving electric car and compete with Tesla may have been put on hold, according to a new report at Bloomberg. Apple is expected to decide the future of the project in 2017, as the company recently laid off many of the employees working on the Titan project. The remaining staff at Apple will continue to work on the technology until the company decides the Titan’s final direction. Apple initially wanted to launch the first electric car by 2020, but last year the company acknowledged[…]

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Virtual Home button will pop up when your iPhone 7 breaks

A temporary solution if your Home Button breaks Apple has replaced the traditional Home button with a pressure sensitive one in the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, while the upcoming iPhone in 2017 may completely ditch the Home button in favor of a technology built into the display. But the current iPhones use a hybrid Home Button that actually mimics the click feedback, and can they can break as any other part of the phone. To provide a temporary fix, and make the phone useful until it got repaired, Apple has built into iOS10 a dialog window that[…]

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iPhone 7 Line 5 colors

Strong demand for iPhone 7 boosts sales of Apple chip maker

TSMC expects a 12% revenue growth in 2016. The company that produces the chips for Apple’s new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus has reported an expected annual growth in its annual revenue between 11% and 12%. Higher than expected demand for high-end smartphones in the third quarter has affected the revenue of TSMC. The chip maker has not revealed which smartphones orders have increased, but Apple’s new iPhones are the main suspects. Both phones are using the new A10 processor, which is built by TSMC along, while the chips for iPhone 6 were built by both Samsung and TSMC.[…]

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