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Apple increases the iPhone 7 production after a strong demand

Samsung may lose marketshare in the last quarter. The problems with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 have mixed up the expectations for the smartphone sales at the end of the year. While Samsung is shifting attention and parts orders from the already dead Note 7 to the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge models to compensate the market share loss, Apple has reportedly ramped up its iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus production to meet the strong demand. Contrary to the expectations, and despite the modest hardware refresh, Apple has faced serious challenges to fulfill the demand for new iPhones 7, which[…]

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apple pay japan

Apple Pay mobile payments launching in Japan

Apple Pay now works in Japan for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Japanese users with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus can now make mobile purchases in stores that support Suica prepaid card, iD or QuicPay. Apple has yesterday activated Apple Pay in Japan, following the release of iOS 10.1 to the global public. Apple Pay in Japan is now possible thanks to the inclusion of a FeliCa chip in the new iPhone 7 models for Japan. Apple Watch ver.2 also supports this non-standard NFC mobile payment standard. Japanese customers can pay with their phones in cafes, bookstores, ticket[…]

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ios10 screen

iOS 10.1 available for everyone, brings improvements and new features

iPhone 7 Plus users can now capture portrait photos with a bokeh effect After a month in a Beta stage, Apple has officially released iOS 10.1 to the general public, bringing a number of enhancements and many bug fixes to eligible devices. In addition to all visible and under the hood improvements, Apple introduces a Portrait mode for photos that is exclusive to the iPhone 7 Plus users. iOS 10.1 is the first major update to iOS 10, available for everyone with iPhone 5 or newer as a free over-the-air update. The Portrait mode for iPhone 7 Plus is a[…]

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AppStore logo

China becomes the largest source of App Store revenue

Chinese iOS app revenues are more than US revenues. China has topped the United States in the App Store revenue ranking for the third quarter of 2016, according to App Annie. While the US App store revenue has also reached new heights in the quarter, the growth in China was much higher, boosted by popular games such as PokemonGo. China now accounts for around $1.7billion app revenue, while the U.S. is second with 15% less, according to App Annie. The popularity of the mobile games in China has resulted in this unprecedented revenue in the third-quarter. Other important app categories[…]

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Mac line

IBM is switching from PC to Mac

Why buying a Mac could save IBM $543? IBM has recently started to replace the old Windows PCs with new Macs for its employees. The process began back in 2015, with 30,000 new Macs for the employees, while the total number of Macs in use reached – 90,000. While many regular users may think that Mac is far more expensive than Windows PC, IBM has found that in the long-run, Mac is actually less expensive when you add the costs for support. Over the lifespan of the machines, which is 4 years, IBM would save $543 if the working machines[…]

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Apple Pay in Germany Europe

Apple Pay may soon be expanding to Germany

Apple Pay map suggests the service could soon launch in Germany. Apple is preparing an expansion of its mobile payment service to one of the key European market – Germany. The company has even included Germany in the Apple Pay map with all supported countries, according to a German blog. Later, the map was removed, but the rumors remain, fueled by the discovery that Apple’s official website had an inactive page ‘/de/apple-pay/”. If Apple really announced the mobile payment solution in Germany, it would be the fifth country on the continent (after France, UK, Russia & Switzerland) that supports Apple[…]

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One-handed keyboard found in the iOS code

Inactivated one-handed mode keyboard revealed in iOS. It appears Apple included a one-handed mode for the iPhone keyboard two years ago – in iOS 8. However, the ability to change the default keyboard layout from standard to left or right handed has not been activated in the public releases yet. Apple has introduced its first large-screen phones back in 2014, offering a dramatic increase of the screen size from 4 to 4.7 or 5.5 inches, but it seems that the one-handed mode was not approved for the final iOS release. But the code remained in the next versions of the[…]

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iPhone 7 with Qualcomm LTE modem performs better than iPhone with Intel chip

Comparing the LTE performance of the iPhone 7. An interesting test performed by Cellular Insights has proven that Apple’s new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus show different LTE performance depending on the modems used for the devices. Apple buys chips from two manufactures – Intel and Qualcomm. Even before the test, we knew that Qualcomm’s equipped iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus have an edge because they support both GSM and CDMA networks, while phones with Intel processors could be used only for GSM networks, which limits the possible use of the device on all US operators. Now, let’s[…]

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power adapter

Apple accusing an Amazon merchant of selling counterfeit accessories

Apple files a lawsuit against Mobile Star LLC. Apple is accusing one of the merchants selling accessories on Amazon and Groupon of violating registered trademarks and selling counterfeit Apple-branded power and USB adapters. Apple has filed a lawsuit against Mobile Start, demanding $2 million for the copyright infringed, and up to $150,000 for each individual infringe trademark. According to Apple, a significant portion of the products sold by Mobile Star and other online merchants are fake, posing a danger to safety. For example, counterfeit power adapters lacks proper insulation, thus creating a risk of overheating and fire. Most of these[…]

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WhatsApp introduces new camera features

You can draw on photos and videos. Writing and drawing on photos and videos is something that many apps have recently introduced, but the feature first became popular with Snapchat. Users could snap a photo, or record a video, then add notes, draw something, or place emoji before sharing those snaps to friends. The Snapchat-like sharing feature then arrived to Facebook’s Instagram in a form of Stories, but its principles were the same. Now, it appears WhatsApp is the next one to include the ability to draw/write on photos and videos before sharing. A new update for WhatsApp brings not[…]

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