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New rumors about a 10.5-inch iPad in 2017

The iPad line-up may have a new 10.5-inch member next year. This is the second time we hear about an upcoming 10.5-inch iPad model in 2017. The new rumor comes from Taiwan, via DigiTimes. According to sources from the supply chain, Apple may announce a 10.5-inch tablet equipped with the A10X processor as part of the hardware refresh of the iPad line for 2017. Apple’s iPad line-up will include a new 10.5 model, positioned as an enterprise / education tablet. According to the source, Apple will mostly try to sell this new tablet to the enterprise sector in the US,[…]

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iPhone 8 concept 2017

All-glass design may allow wireless charging in iPhone 8

Apple is testing wireless charging modules for future iPhones. Apple is expected to introduce a different iPhone in 2018 to mark the 10th anniversary of the first model. This phone, the possible iPhone 8, is rumored to have an all-glass body design and edge-to-edge screen with integrated TouchID. Switching to glass would allow Apple to finally include wireless charging support in the iPhone in 2017, according to the notable researcher Ming Chi Kuo. He believes that Apple will ditch the metal casing and use a single sheet of glass for the upcoming models, something that would eliminate the problems with[…]

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iPhone 7 concept

iPhone 2018 may use 7-nanometer chips

Apple may use smaller, more efficient chips for the 2018 iPhone. Apple has released the iPhone 7 series two months ago, but we already know many details about the upcoming Anniversary iPhone in 2017. But the rumors stretch even further into the future, to the 2018 iPhone. According to information posted by MyDrivers, Apple may implement 7-nanometer chips into the 2018 models. Such a chip is expected to enter manufacturing in Q1 2018, produced by Apple’s chip supplier TSMC. A 7nm chip would require smaller space, but keeping power-efficiency at a high level. Apple currently uses 16nm components for the[…]

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iPhone 7 black jet

Apple intentionally slows down Verizon’s iPhone 7 LTE performance

Verizon’s iPhone 7 uses a Qualcomm LTE modem. As you probably know, Apple is using two LTE modems for the iPhone 7 series – one from Qualcomm and one from Intel. These two modems support different maximum download speeds – up to 600MB/s for the Qualcomm modem, and up to 450Mb/s for the Intel LTE modem. For Verizon Wireless, Apple has used the Qualcomm modem, which means theoretically the owners of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus on Verizon could take advantage of the faster network and the Qualcomm chip to reach higher speeds than customers of other networks –[…]

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iphone 6s gold

Apple acknowledges ‘Touch Disease’, but refuses to repair iPhone 6 for free

Apple charges $149 service fee for a design defect. With more than 10% of the iPhone repairs related to the Touch Disease problem for iPhone 6 series, Apple could not hide the issue anymore. In fact, the touch disease problem is a design defect affecting only the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models. It starts with a small flickering area of the screen, but it progressively gets worse and extends to the whole display surface, impacting the touch experience and making the phone unusable. The reason for the touch issue is the location of the touch controller chips on[…]

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iPhone Camera module

Apple works on Augmented Reality features for the Camera app

Apple to integrate augmented reality into the Camera app. Business Insider reports that Apple has approached different companies specialized in augmented reality to integrate new features into the iPhone’s camera app. The project is said to be in an early stage, but if shipped with future iPhone models, users would be able to use augmented reality functionalities with the main camera app. For example, the iPhone consumers could just point the camera to an object and have it recognized in real time. Built-in recognition capabilities will also be included in the photo app. According to Business Insider, real time scanning[…]

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iPhone display

Apple may limit the OLED displays to one of the three iPhone 8 models

OLED suppliers may not meet the demand for the 2017 iPhone. New rumors around the 2017 iPhone have leaked onto the Internet. First, the notable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says in a research note that Apple may release three iPhone 8 variants for the Holiday 2017 season. Contrary to the news that Apple will switch from LCD to OLED panels for all models in 2017, Chi Kuo states that the 2017 iPhones will come in three variants – two with LCD screens and only one with OLED. He believes that iPhone 8 will come in a 4.7-inch and a 5.5-inch variant,[…]

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App Removed

Thousands of outdated apps have been removed from the App Store

Apple removed 47,300 apps in October only. Apple notified developers in September that apps not compatible with the guidelines would be removed from the Store. Now we learn that Apple removed 47,300 in the last month, which is a 238% increase of apps removed from the App Store compared with previous months in 2016. For comparison, in September Apple ditched only around 13,000 apps. Apps from different categories have been removed. From the total number of 47,300 apps, the games were 28 percent, while 9% fall into the Entertainment category. 7 percent of the removed apps were in the Education[…]

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iOS 10

iOS 10.2 Beta 3 released to public testers and app developers

Improvements to the TV app and other changes. Apple yesterday released the third beta of iOS 10.2 to public testers and app developers, improving the new TV app which has replaced the old Videos app. Users in the United States can see that the TV app is far more functional in this release, and the Videos app has been removed in iOS 10.2 Beta 3. Along with the missing Videos app, Apple also removed the SOS functionality introduced with Beta 2. It appears the SOS emergency feature is still available in some countries like India, while Apple will continue to[…]

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Google Play Music app for iOS

Google Play Music revamped for iOS

New features coming to the Google Play Music app. Google has published a new version of their music streaming app in the App Store. Google Play Music comes with a redesigned interface, new features and a more personal music experience. According to Google, the new app is smarter and easier to use. It now offers more personal suggestions based on the user’s interests, but also on location, activity and time of the day. Google Play Music for iPhone and iPad now features a new Home Screen that suggests a playlist based on the above mentioned factors. From the press-release: To[…]

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