64GB rAM iphone 8

iPhone 8 to come with 64, 256 or 512GB internal storage, plus 3GB RAM

Minimum storage capacity for iPhone X is 64GB. Apple will release the new, 10th anniversary iPhone 8 in three versions according to the internal storage capacity. The cheapest version will offer 64GB of storage, the mid-range to offer 256GB, while the top-end iPhone 8 (iPhone X) will have 512GB on board. According to a new report published at the Chinese social network Weibo, Apple’s upcoming iPhone with an OLED screen will have 3GB of RAM for all three versions. A photo of a 64GB flash memory module from SanDisk has appeared online. SanDisk is expected to manufacture the 64 and[…]

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dummy iPhone 8

iPhone 8 unveiling event possibly scheduled for September 12

The sales of iPhone 8 may start on September 22. There is only one week left to September and Apple should very soon send out invitations for its annual iPhone unveiling. Although the date is not official, there is a high chance that Apple will present the new iPhone line, including the 10th Anniversary iPhone, at a press-event on September 12. According to information from Mac4Ever, Apple will hold a press conference to reveal the new iPhones on Tuesday, September 12, while the sales will start on Friday, September 22. This report matches the same pattern Apple follows from 2012[…]

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iphone white

E-Wallets & iGaming: How To Make Online Deposits On Your iPhone

Gaming on the go has become a huge part of everyday culture, evidenced by the thousands of games apps currently available on the Apple App Store and the fact that many gaming desktop sites are now creating mobile-friendly platforms. These websites that can now be easily accessed through your iPhone browser of choice are particularly intriguing, as they require a lot of reworking and testing before the creators and customers alike can navigate the pages, interact with the site and ultimately have an enjoyable gaming experience. This is especially true of online casinos and online sportsbooks, as they provide a[…]

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Will App Store Become Victim of its Own Success?

In days gone by, there was a simple way to make sure that you could get hold of a decent quality game. It usually involved reading a magazine to check out reviews of latest games, but nowadays the app store has helped to create a situation whereby trying to find a way to filter the wheat from the chaff is far from straightforward. In fact, if you take a quick glance at the current state of the app store, you can see how gamers can be left in a position where finding a game that they actually enjoy can be[…]

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parallels desktop 13

Parallels Desktop 13 is faster and supports the latest Windows features

The new version of Parallels Desktop brings many improvements. Parallels Desktop 13 is now official for Mac and MacBook users, bringing many interesting improvements and new features, along with support for the latest additions to Windows 10 and macOS High Sierra. There is a new Picture-in-Picture mode, allowing users to easily monitor their virtual desktops. Parallel Desktop 13 supports the new features in Windows 10, including an ability to pin contacts to the taskbar. The software also supports Touch Bar on the new MacBooks, enabling the usage of the OLED bar for apps and features freely customizable by the users[…]

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3d camera

iPhone’s 3D Sensing camera possibly leaked in photo

Alleged 3D camera module for iPhone 8 leaked in photo. Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone, the rumored iPhone 8 or iPhone X, is likely to include a new way for authentication. It may completely ditch the Touch ID fingerprint scanner in favor of facial and iris recognition. These new recognition technologies will rely on new hardware, including an iris scanner and a 3D camera. But Apple may also decide to release a phone with both the Touch ID on the back and 3D sensing front camera. The photo above is said to be showing the 3D sensing camera module for iPhone[…]

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McLaren 1998 formula1

Formula 1 2017 will be released on August 25 for Mac and PC

The game to be launched on the same date for Windows and Mac. Codemasters have announced that their new Formula One game will be released on August 25. The game will launch for both Mac and Windows on the same day, priced at $60 from the Feral and Steam stores. Later, it will be available via the App Store, for the price of $50. F1 2017 will definitely attract all fans of the popular racing sport. Watch the epic 0.55 min video below: Formula 1 2017 will allow you to race with all cars from the current season, but also[…]

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Gaming in Your iPhone Browser: An Alternative to Apps

There’s one bone of contention with the iPhone that even the most devoted fans tend to agree with – and that’s the measly amount of storage included with cheaper models. Combine this with the fact it costs a significant amount to upgrade to more storage, and we end up with plenty of iPhone users putting up with “not enough storage” errors and constantly juggling their apps and data. When the iPhone 7 came out in 2017, Apple finally waved goodbye to the particularly stingy 16GB model across the iPhone range. However, the base 32GB model can soon fill up for many[…]

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iPhone X McDonald's

Not anyone else but McDonald’s reveals the iPhone 8

iPhone 8 renders seen in new McDonald’s ad. In attempts to attract more interest in their products, McDonald’s latest ad shows an unofficial render of the iPhone 8. This happens in Australia, where the junk food chain promotes its mobile app, allowing users to order food from their iPhones. In the ad, the company shows a photo of a device that supposed to be the upcoming iPhone 8. It has minimal bezels at the top, with a ‘notch’ to accommodate the camera, earpiece and the facial recognition sensors. Also visible are the status bar, the volume keys and the power[…]

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files app ipad

How to tag files in iOS 11 Files app

Organize files by adding tags. iOS 11 comes with the brand new Files app, allowing you to manage your files across the iPad or iCloud storage. But you want to organize your files without moving them to different folders or renaming them, there is another option in Files. You can simply add tags to your files. For example, if you want to group all your pictures of sunsets, you can just create a Sunset tag. Removing the tag won’t affect or delete the files, it just removes the grouping. The good thing is that all tags in iOS 11 Files[…]

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