iPhone X destroys the Galaxy S9 in performance tests

Benchmark tests show that iPhone X is faster than Samsung Galaxy S9. Fans and media love to compare the flagship devices, putting them in different tests and camera shootouts. Yesterday, we reported on how Samsung may have created the best smartphone camera, but when it comes to the CPU/GPU power, the situation may be different. The benchmarks are usually the best indicator of what to expect from a new device, and how it compares against the competition. Let’s see the results for the iPhone X and the Galaxy S9 (and Plus). According to tests by Anand Tech, iPhone X and[…]

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DxOMark: Galaxy S9+ has the best smartphone camera, iPhone X is third

DxOMark assigns 99 points to the Galaxy S9 Plus. The camera technology is one of the key areas for improvements used by the biggest manufacturers in order to attract interested and boost sales. With each flagship generation, year by year, Apple, Samsung and Google improve their cameras, and they often change positions in the benchmark comparisons when a new device hit the stores. This is the case with the Galaxy S9 Plus, just announced by Samsung at the Mobile World Congress 2018. According to DxOMark, a well-trusted site for camera comparisons, the Galaxy S9+ leads the Google Pixel 2 by[…]

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Battery Drain

iPhone battery replacements in a very high demand

You may wait up to 5 weeks for an iPhone battery replacement. Customers who want to replace their batteries for $29 will need to wait between 3 and 5 weeks, according to Business Insider. Apple launched in January a battery replacement program for iPhone 6 and newer, but the batteries have been in very short supplies since day one. The program became so popular, because many users decided to replace their batteries for $29 and return their iPhone to a normal fully-working state, instead of purchasing a new model. As you probably know, iOS 10.2 and newer version had a[…]

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iCloud Google Cloud Platform logo

iCloud now relies on Google Cloud Platform to store files

Apple switches from Microsoft Azure to Google Cloud. It’s been widely believed that Apple uses Microsoft Azure and Amazon S3 cloud platforms for its own built-in iCloud service. However, this may have been changed recently, as the iOS security guide now lists Google Clould instead of Azure as one of the third-party cloud services where Apple stores files and data. Spotted by CNBC just recently, the change could have been made in January, when Apple last updated its security guide. It’s said that: The encrypted chunks of the file are stored, without any user-identifying information, using third-party storage services, such as[…]

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A Guide To The Different Health Care Apps

During the first half of 2017, the issue of healthcare has filled newspapers across the country. Ranging from affordability to accessibility and quality of care, the majority of people wonder what the future holds for the US healthcare industry. While the future of the healthcare industry may be uncertain, there are certain technological advances in the healthcare sector made to ‘shake up’ the industry. Specifically, there has been a growth in healthcare apps – most released in this year – that have altered the way medical professionals interact with their patients. What Are The Five Healthcare Apps Being Used In[…]

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iphone x plus

iPhone X Plus display panel leaks, test production ongoing

The screen resolution of iPhone X Plus may be 2688 x 1242 pixels. Several sources have reported that Cupertino-based giant will unleash three new smartphones in 2018, among them an upscaled version of the iPhone X. The so-called iPhone X Plus will feature a 6.5 inch OLED display, and according to Bloomberg, its screen resolution will be 2688 x 1242 pixels. A leaker from China posted a photo of the alleged display panel, which will be manufactured by LG. It has the same cutouts with the notch at the top, but in a bigger size. The source reveals that a[…]

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Galaxy S9 and S9+ are the Samsung's answer of iPhone

Samsung responds to Apple’s animated poo

Galaxy S9 and S9+ are the Samsung’s answer of iPhone X Samsung’s new Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ were announced yesterday, bringing minor design improvements and some new features compared with the previous generation. One of the key new features is the ability to create animated emoji that can be shared via GIF files – just like the Animoji on iPhone X. There are also some minor camera improvements in the S9 line, like the ability to shoot super-slow motion videos at HD resolution, and photos with deeper depth of field and better quality. Samsung has slightly reduced the bezels,[…]

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iPhone and Android responsible for 99.9% of the smartphone sales in 2017

A historic decline in the smartphone sales in Q4 2017 compared with 2016. Research company Gartner published a report about the worldwide smartphone sales in Q4 and the whole 2017. It appears that the historic 99.9% of the smartphones sold in 2017 were Android or iPhones, as the third mobile OS was discontinued by Microsoft, leaving customers without a viable third alternative. The smartphone market is now a duopoly. Quite logically, since the market is quite saturated, the prices have reached $1000, the phones look the same, and the hardware improvements are marginal, the number of users who decide to[…]

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iPad Air 2

A Beginner’s Guide To Speeding Up Your iPad And Improving Its Performance

In the technological world, there is a procedure known as ‘overclocking’ and it is used to literally make a PC computer operate more quickly. Unfortunately, there is nothing similar to this procedure to increase the speed of an Apple iPad. So, if you own an iPad 2, iPad 3, or an iPad Mini, you may have experienced slow run times without an idea of how to fix the problem. While it is not possible to ‘overclock’ an iPad, it is possible to ensure it is operating at optimal efficiency and use some tricks to speed the operation up. This article[…]

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iphone trio 2018 ios 11

Apple releases an emergency fix for iOS messaging bug

iOS 11.2.6 update rolling out to everyone to fix the Telugu character bug. Yesterday, we informed you about the bug that crashes the messaging app, or the entire device running iOS 11. Apple was expected to fix it with the 11.3 update later this month, but the company is now rolling out an emergency fix with build 11.2.6. It’s available from the Settings → General → Software Update, for anyone on iPhone or iPad running iOS 11. The inability to render a specific Indian (Telugu) character could freeze your mobile device or even a Mac computer. However, Apple is now[…]

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