Apple releases iOS 12.1 Beta to fix the charging bug

The company is testing a first update patch for iOS 12. Last week we informed you about a strange bug in the official iOS 12 update, appearing randomly for the new iPhone Xs and Xs Max, as well as other iPhone and iPad models. The bug was that the device would not start charging when the screen is turned off, so the user had to disconnect and reconnect the cable. The company is now releasing iOS 12.1 Beta for users in the public testing channel, and we can confirm that the charging bug has been fixed in this beta. Previously[…]

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iPhone XS / Max refuse to charge with screen turned off

Major software bugs discovered in iOS 12. Apple officially released the big iOS 12 update last month, promising better overall performance on the older models. However, the update seems far from completely ready, at least for the new iPhone XS and XS Max phones. A growing number of users reported that their iPhones would refuse to start charging when the screen is off. As seen in the video below, posted by the popular gadget reviewer UnboxTherapy, many of the tested XS /Max devices did not start charging, while the iPhone X did. Forum threads in some of the biggest Apple[…]

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$1249 iPhone XS Max (256GB) includes components for $443

Apple pays $50 more for components compared with the iPhone X People nowadays are complaining how expensive the smartphone are, comparing their prices with the component costs. The most dramatic example of the difference between price for consumers and costs of components is the iPhone. While, the parts’ expenses are not the only components forming the final price, with costs for development, labour, logistic, marketing and others playing a major role too, it’s interesting to see how much exactly Apple pays for the hardware components. According to TechInsight, the 256 GB version of the iPhone XS Max costs $443 to[…]

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iPhone XS / XS Max users complaining of slower Wi-Fi and LTE speeds

A growing number of iPhone users are reporting that their brand new iPhone XS and XS Max devices have slower cellular and Wi-Fi speeds compared with previous generations. Forum threads in the official Apple website have emerged in the past few days, in which some users have described issues with poor connections on both cellular and Wi-Fi. According to the reports, the issues are not specific to the carrier provider, nor to the state in which the person is, which means there is a software or hardware problem specific to the iPhone XS / Max. One users writes: I just[…]

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Group FaceTime for public testers

First beta of iOS 12.1 re-enables Group FaceTime for public testers

Apple rolls out the first beta of iOS 12.1 update. A week after Cupertino released the official iOS 12 update to eligible iPhones like iPhone 5S and newer, the company is ready to offer the first minor update for iOS 12. Beta 1 is available through the public beta testing program, re-introducing the Group FaceTime feature, but also bringing some under the hood improvements and fixes. iOS 12.1 Beta 1 would allow you to chat with up to 32 contacts at once. This feature was first introduced earlier this year in beta versions of iOS12, but it was pulled later[…]

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Phone XS / XS Max teardowns

iPhone XS / XS Max teardowns reveal what’s inside the new iPhones

iFixit says the waterproofing is not improved. The guys at iFixit has managed to get their hands on the new Apple iPhone XS and XS Max, and soon after the new models were torn apart. While many of you may be not interested in what’s inside, iFixit has specialized in assigning a repairability score to the most popular consumer-oriented gadgets. First of all, the new iPhone teardown confirms that both iPhones have bigger batteries. The L-shaped batteries have been increased to 2,658 and 3,174 mAh, respectively. The smaller model, the iPhone XS, has a single cell, while the XS Max[…]

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iOS 12 logo

iOS 12 is now officially available, even for iPhone 5S

You can install and the new iOS version – iOS 12 Apple is now rolling out the official update to everyone with supported iPhones and iPads. After months in testing and many beta versions, the new version of the platform is ready to hit the general public. Available even for the 5-years old iPhone 5S, iOS 12 promises major performance improvements for everyone. It’s a completely revamped platform in its core, promising faster boot and more responsive experience for older iPhone models like iPhone 5S. You can expect faster app launches, faster resuming and more fluid overall experience. There are[…]

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iphone xr

iPhone Xs, Xs Max and iPhone Xr are now official, All Details inside

iPhone is getting even bigger and more expensive. During one of the most anticipated gadget-oriented press-conferences in 2018, Apple officially unveiled its new line of iPhones for next year. The company presented the iPhone Xs, its bigger version called the iPhone Xs Max, but also one a bit more affordable model dubbed Xr. iPhone Xs and Xs Max Both devices are using the OLED display technology, and they measure in at 5.8 and 6.5-inches across the diagonals. The smaller model has a 2436 x 1125 pixel resolution, while the 6.5-inch model has more pixels, but the same pixel density –[…]

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iOS 10 stock apps delete

App Lifecycle – Phases of iOS Application Development

It is no longer an arduous task to create a mobile app. Thousands of apps are uploaded on both the Android and IOS app stores regularly but to create an app that renders successful results requires extensive research, planning and collaboration between the developer and the client. The advantage of having a mobile app is not only to extend business propositions but it also offers several benefits such as brand marketing, generating sales and improves user retention rate across the globe. With the advent of mobile app technology, most of our tangible commitments and obligations have become simpler. Connecting to[…]

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iphone xs

Apple confirms the names of the new iPhones

iPhone Xr, iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max to debut this month. Apple’s new line of iPhones has been accidentally confirmed by the company itself. On its official website, Apple already prepared the pages of the three new models, although the actual links are not active yet. However, we can now be 100% sure that Apple is going to announce: iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max iPhone Xr While iPhone Xs can be considered as an upgrade to the current flagship iPhone X, the Xs Max is an enlarged version of the former. Both models will have screens of 5.8 and[…]

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