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Fourth Beta of iOS 12.2 now available for testing

Apple releases the new iOS beta for public testers and developers. The company has just unleashed the 4th beta of the iOS 12.2 update, available for all inpatient users who want to test the latest improvements, new features and fixes ahead of everyone. iOS 12.2 Beta IV can be installed as an OTA update or through the Developer Center on your device. As a follow up to the previous betas, this update doesn’t add anything visible in terms of features, but it probably brings some under the hood changes and tweaks. iOS 12.2 introduces Apple News to Canada, allowing users[…]

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iPhone 8 Colors

Reasons Why iPhones are Better than Android

Let us start by complimenting the new technology that has made us compare some of the best inventions in the market. With all the mobile devices in the tech market, people seem to find it very hard to choose the best mobile phones that are user-friendly. The likes of Samsung S9 and other Android operating system mobiles are very good to use, they even have an app for casino games online . On the other hand, the Apple iPhone is the one we recommended over Android. This is because of so many reasons we are about to state to you[…]

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ipad mini

iPad Mini 5 to arrive in the first half of 2019

Apple may be launching new iPad models soon According to a new publication coming from Taiwan, Apple is gearing up to launch new iPad models. Among the new devices will be the iPad Mini 5, whose physical appearance will be similar to the current Mini 4. However, there could be changes in the processor used. Apple already included the new A10X Fusion to the iPad Pro and Apple TV 4k. Aside the possible internal improvements, the new iPad Mini 5 will have the same design, including Touch ID, the 3.5 mm audio jack, and the same bezels. Its thickness will[…]

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iOS 12 update

iOS 12.2 enters Beta 2 public testing period

Apple rolls out the second beta of iOS 12.2. The company has just unleashed the update to everyone in the iOS’s beta program after it became available for developers a day earlier. Beta testers can now install iOS 12.2 Beta II as an OTA update on their devices. This update brings nothing but performance improvements and fixes over Beta 1. However, iOS 12.2 as a major update of iOS 12 brings some visible new features for everyone. This release introduces Apple News app for Canadian users who can now read stories in two languages – Franch and English. There is[…]

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Smart Battery Cases announced for iPhone XS, XS Max and XR

Smart Battery Cases announced for iPhone XS, XS Max and XR

The new battery cases cost $129, support Qi. Apple just unveiled on the market new battery cases that should extend the battery life of your iPhones. After introducing such an option for the iPhone 7, the company now begins selling the accessory for the new iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and XR. It cost $129, and when paired with the device extends its battery life. The iPhone XS with the battery case can offer up to 33 hours of talk time, or 25 h of video. iPhone XS Max can endure up to 37 hours talk time, or up to[…]

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iphone 2019 triple-camera

The top-end iPhone for 2019 may have a triple-lens camera

Successor to the iPhone XS Max could introduce the three-lens camera module. While companies like Huawei and Samsung have already released phones with three cameras on the back, Apple’s most expensive iPhone relies on a double-lens camera for photos and videos. But according to sources familiar with Apple’s plans, the next generation of the highest-end iPhone, the successor to the iPhone XS Max, may have a triple-lens module. Above you can see a render of how the phone’s back may look like, courtesy by OnLeaks. If the information proves accurate, a third additional lens in the iPhone would lead to[…]

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iPhone XS & XR production cut by 10% after lower than estimated sales

Apple tells suppliers to cut down production of iPhone components. The company recently revised its earnings predictions for Q1 2019 from $89-93 to $84 billion, which resulted in a significant market loss. Now, according to a new publication at Nikkei, Apple lowers the production of iPhone XS and XR by 10 percent. The report says that Apple made a revision of the production estimates, and downgraded the orders to suppliers for all models. Each supplier is affected differently by this decision, as they manufacture different components. A source familiar with the matter have commented that Apple reduced the production volume[…]

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iPhone no bezel

New sensor tech could result in true bezel-less iPhones

AMS announces new proximity and RGB sensors. The Austrian company AMS, one of the suppliers for light sensors used in Face ID, has announced the development of a new sensor tech that requires no housing for those senors. This, in turn, may result in smartphones with bezel-less front sides, as the RGB light and IR Proximity sensors won’t require as big bezels as the current smartphones. From the press-release: Smartphone OEMs today are striving to maximize their products’ screen-to-body ratio, reducing the bezel area as much as possible on the display’s face,” said David Moon, Senior Marketing Manager at ams.[…]

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iOS 12 Banner

Apple rolls out the third iOS 12.1.3 Beta

Public testers and developers can install a new iOS release. The company is now rolling out the third Beta of iOS 12.1.3. to members of the Public testing programs as well as those registered as developers. The update doesn’t add anything new, but under the hood, there could be some fixes and performance improvements you might notice in terms of smoother and less buggy experience. While Apple is yet to unveil when the final iOS 12.1.3 will hit the general public, you can join the Beta program and install this update ahead of the general release. Keep in mind that[…]

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iOS 12 photos

Apple and Foxconn to invest millions in India in order to boost iPhone sales

Cupertino tries to enter the Indian market in a more aggressive way. Apple first started to build and sell iPhones built in India in limited quantities with the iPhone SE and 6S line, but in 2019 the company will assemble far more devices in the country in attempts to enter more aggressively in this market, so far dominated by phones costing less than $250. According to a new report by Reuters, Apple’s main hardware partner, Foxconn, will invest $356 million in its Indian plant in order to expand its production capacity in 2019. High-end models in 2019 will be assembled[…]

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