macOS High Sierra

macOS High Sierra gets improvements with the 10.13.2 Update

Third-party USB devices now work better. Following the release of updates 10.13 and 10.13.1 with the important bug fix that eliminates the root vulnerability, Apple is now rolling out another minor update to macOS High Sierra. It’s live for everyone with Mac, downloadable from the App Store. Update 10.13.2 for macOS improves the performance of non-Apple USB devices. The update also improves the compatibility of Braille displays with Mail, and VoiceOver navigation when previewing PDF documents. There are also many security fixes included in this version, for which you can read more details here. 

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iphone 7 in the store

Report: Apple planning a low-cost iPhone with LCD and metal back

The device to be released in 2018 with a 6.1-inch display. We’ve previously reported about three new iPhones expected in 2018 – two with OLED screens and a design similar to the iPhoneX, and one with LCD and cheaper price. Nikkei now additionally informs about the so-called low-cost iPhone in 2018. According to sources familiar with Apple’s plans, this ‘cheap’ iPhone will have a 6.1-inch or 6.2-inch LCD panel, while both OLED versions will measure in at 5.8 and 6.2 inches. This budget iPhone with LCD will feature a metal back, just like the iPhone 7 line announced in 2016.[…]

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Apple Pay Cash

How to set up Apple Pay Cash

iOS 11.2 enables peer-to-peer payments. Apple officially introduced the feature Apple Pay Cash with the iOS 11.2 update, initially available only for users in the United States. Apple Pay Cash allows you to send and receive money from anyone in the contact list via Apple’s built-in Messaging app. Here is how to set up and use Apple Pay Cash. Set up: Enable Two-factor authentication. Go to Settings → iCloud → Passwords & Security. Open the Wallet app. Tap on the Apple Pay Cash card at the top. Create your virtual card. Pair a debit / credit card to Apple Pay[…]

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Instagram rolls out Highlights and Archive for Stories

Instagram rolls out Highlights and Archive for Stories

Two new features for Instagram Stories The disappearing short video clips you can post on Instagram have been improved with two new features, currently rolling out to public accounts. Once the story disappears after 24 hours, it will be automatically archived in your page under the Archive Tab. Highlighted Stories is the second new feature announced for Instagram Stories. You can take a Story and then mark it as a highlight (a featured) post that stays below your profile picture and bio. As Instagram describes,  Stories Highlights will enable more customization and self-expression on profiles than ever before – whether[…]

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iPhone X

iPhone 8 is better than iPhone X, says Consumer Reports

Apple’s flagship iPnone ranked below the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Apple has three new smartphones for this season – the iPhone 8 / 8 Plus, and the flagship iPhone X. The 10th anniversary model offers something unique that the other two doesn’t, and while for many it is the superior phone overall, there are some areas in which it definitely performs poorly. According to tests by Consumer Reports, the iPhone X is not as durable as the iPhone 8 line. Although all models have glass backs, the iPhone X had poor performance in durability tests simulating real-world accidents. Additionally,[…]

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ios 11 installations

iOS 11 reached a 59% share, according to Apple

41% of the devices are still running an older version of iOS. App Store support page has informed that the modern version of iOS is already running on 59% of the devices in use. iOS 11 grew from 52% in November, to 59% in early December, according to the stats, while the previous version (iOS 10) is now installed on 33% of the devices. Older versions of iOS are still on 8% of the active devices. Despite the good growth, iOS 11 is slightly behind version 10 in terms of adoption rate. Back in 2016, iOS 10 reached a 54%[…]

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iPhone’s market share drops 8% in the United States

iOS’s global smartphone share has dropped in Q3 2017. As many users were waiting for the iPhone X to upgrade, the iOS’s market share in the US logically dropped in the third quarter of the year. Apple’s smartphone share was 40.6% in Q3, down from 32.9% a year ago. In 2016, Apple’s sales reached its peak well before Q3’s end, while this year iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X went on sale a bit later, not influencing the Q3 results as much as in 2016. But the phone is gradually improving its stock availability, with shipping estimates as low as[…]

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gmail app

Gmail updated for iOS to allow third-party accounts

The app also gets support for iPhone X’s screen Google has released a new version of its Gmail app in the App Store. The new version comes with a new feature, and a number of other improvements. Non-Google email accounts can now be added to the app via IMAP. The ability to use third-party email accounts with Gmail has been in public testing for over a month, and it’s now being rolled out to everyone on iOS. Google has also added support for iPhone X’s sensor notch with this update, so the app now looks better on this device. The[…]

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messenger kids

Facebook launches Messenger for Kids

Messenger Kids has an emphasis on safety According to Engadget, Facebook will launch a new messaging service especially designed for kids. It will be called Facebook Kids, and launched this week for iOS, followed by Android later in December. Messenger Kids aims to offer increased safety as your children will only be able to chat with contacts you have previously approved. It won’t require a phone number as a regular messenger or other services, as kids don’t usually have such. Only one of the parents could create an account for Messenger Kids, and this account can be only used for[…]

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iphone x sim free

SIM-free iPhone X now available in the United States

Unlocked and SIM-free version of the iPhone X go on sale. Over a month after Apple released the iPhone X in the marketр and managed to balance the supply and demand, the company has launched the SIM-free version of the phone. It’s an unlocked device, sold directly through the Apple Store. Along with the ability to purchase the iPhone X on a contract with AT&T, Sprint, Verizon or T-Mobile, Apple’s Online Store now has a fifth option – to buy a SIM-free version and activate with any carrier later. If you purchase this SIM free version, you should know that[…]

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