WhatsApp introduces new camera features

You can draw on photos and videos. Writing and drawing on photos and videos is something that many apps have recently introduced, but the feature first became popular with Snapchat. Users could snap a photo, or record a video, then add notes, draw something, or place emoji before sharing those snaps to friends. The Snapchat-like sharing feature then arrived to Facebook’s Instagram in a form of Stories, but its principles were the same. Now, it appears WhatsApp is the next one to include the ability to draw/write on photos and videos before sharing. A new update for WhatsApp brings not[…]

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Hello Again MacBook event October 27

Hello Again! New Macs to be revealed on October 27

Apple sends media invites to a Mac event next week. Following our recent report about a possible press-event on October 27, Apple has officially confirmed that the new Macs will be uncovered on that very date in Cupertino. The company has sent out invites to select media for a press-conference that appears to be focused on MacBook and iMac, according to the title and the photo. Hello Again!, and the Mac logo – we don’t need other clues to believe that this event will be focused on Mac computers which are long overdue for a hardware refresh. The October 27[…]

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iOS 10.1 beta 5 now available for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Apple also released macOS Sierra 10.12.1 beta 5. Only a day after Apple seeded the fourth iOS 10.1 beta to public testers and developers, there is a new update – this time exclusive for owners of the new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. The update brings the phones to iOS 10.1 beta 5, but there is no official information on what’s been improved in this release. However, we could immediately notice that the beta 5’s download file is much bigger is size compared with Beta 4. With iOS 10.1, Apple improves some issues found in the 10.0 release, but[…]

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Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories now show up in the Explore section

Instagram expands the Stories to the Explore tab. The fairly popular ‘Stories’ feature, announced by Instagram this year, has made its way from the main Instagram window and your friends, to the Explore section where you can browse Stories from all over the world. Instagram’ Stories have so far been visible at the top of the main Instagram tab, allowing you to see Stories only posted by users you follow. From now on, the Stories feature could also be seen in the Explore section of the app. You can access a selection of interesting stories from popular users – you[…]

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iPhone 7

The 32GB iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have much slower data write speeds

iPhone 7 with 32GB is 8 times slower than the 128GB /256GB models. Apple’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus come in three storage configurations – with 32GB, 128GB or 256GB of storage. With the new iPhone 7, Apple ditched the 16GB model from its line, offering more capacity at the same price. However, the cheapest iPhone 7 / 7 Plus has one big disadvantage over the more expensive models with 128 and 256GB. First noticed by GSMArena in a data read/write test, the 32GB iPhone 7/7Plus have much slower data write speeds that the other configurations. While the 32GB[…]

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Apple Pay

Apple Pay supported by 20 more bank institutions in the United States

Twenty banks and additional credit unions now support Apple Pay. Apple customers in the United States have been able to use Apple Pay to make purchases in stores using supported mobile devices since 2014, and the service has improved much since its launch. Today, hundreds of banks and credit unions support Apple Pay, and new are being added every month. From October 2017, customers who use some of the following 20 banks and unions can also start making mobile payments in the US: BankLiberty CinFed Credit Union Cumberland County Federal Credit Union Denmark State Bank Family Security Credit Union Franklin[…]

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MacBook Pro

Apple to unveil the new Macs on October 27

Apple reportedly holds an event next week. Following our recent report about the new Macs announcement possibly scheduled for this month, now new information pops up, suggesting that Apple is planning to hold a press-event in Cupertino next week, on October 27. Apple’s press-conference, where the company will show the refreshed MacBook and iMac line, is planned for October 27, which is a day after Microsoft is expected to show off its refreshed Surface line and an All-in-one Surface PC. Apple’s Macs are long overdue for a hardware refresh, and we expect an improved MacBook Pro lineup with USB Type-C[…]

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iPhone 7 launching in 7 more markets later in October

Apple to release the new iPhones in Korea on October 21. Customers in seven more countries will be able to buy officially the iPhone 7 or the iPhone 7 Plus this month. Apple announced official release dates for the iPhones in seven additional markets, among them South Korea and Colombia. Strangely enough, users in South Korea will be able to purchase an iPhone a month after the device went on sale in the developed countries like the US, UK, Canada and many countries in Europe. Apple is going to release the devices in Korea on October 21. Here are the[…]

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Siri iphone

Apple hires an AI expert to boost the Siri’s capabilities

Artificial Intelligence expert joins Apple. Russ Salakhutdinov, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University, will lead Apple’s AI research department. Apple has recently started to show interest in the AI technologies which could be applied in many of the company’s existing products like Siri. Artificial Intelligence becomes a hot topic, but its potential has not been fully recognized yet. Companies like Google and Microsoft also invested a lot in boosting AI technologies. Google has recently unveiled an improved Assistant in Android that could do far more things than Apple’s Siri. But Apple acquired MapSense and other relatively new and promising technologies[…]

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Report: Apple to discontinue the 11-inch MacBook Air

New MacBook Pro models to be announced in October. Apple is planning to remove the 11-inch MacBook Air from its line, and starts promoting the bigger 13-inch version. The company will reportedly shift its attention to the bigger Air model after the release of new MacBook Pros this month. Apple already undermined the smaller MacBook Air model after the announcement of the 12-inch MacBook. According to a report at Macotakara, Apple is expected to announce new MacBook laptops this month, with some hardware improvements such as the inclusion of an OLED touch panel for functional keys, slimmer profile, USB C[…]

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