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How to downgrade your iPhone or iPad from iOS Beta releases

How to remove the iOS beta and bring back to the official version Installing a beta software on your smartphone has many advantages, like the early access to all new features and improvements in iOS. However, sometimes the experience with iOS beta software could not be as painless as expected. That’s why some users may decide to roll back to the official release and just wait the official upgrade once it becomes available to the general public. In this tutorial we explain how you could downgrade an iPhone or iPad from iOS beta release. First of all, it’s very important[…]

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iOS 10

Apple’s iOS 10 will only collect data if users opt-in

iOS 10 to collect and track user’s data for intelligent suggestions Apple’s upcoming iOS 10 update will make the iPhones much smarter than it is now. We know that iOS 10 will include several intelligent features that will require an access to the user’ data, and if the users opt-in they will make the assistant Siri even more productive. However, collecting data without permission definitely make the iPhone users worry about their security and privacy. Fortunately, Apple is not going to collect data if you don’t opt-in. A report that emerged at Recode has revealed that there would be four[…]

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iPhone 7

Apple rumored to launch three iPhone 7’s in 2016

iPhone 7 Pro with up to 256GB may debut in September It’s not the first time we hear about the iPhone 7 Pro. Earlier reports speculated that Apple could ditch the ‘Plus’ branding and call the bigger iPhone – iPhone 7 Pro. This ‘Pro’ variant was expected to include some improvements in the camera department, such as a dual-lens camera module for better photos and videos. Now we learn from a source who is posting information on Weibo that Apple may release a trio of i-phones later in 2016. If the source is to be believed, there will be three[…]

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dropbox ios scan documents

Dropbox for iOS can now scan documents

The cloud storage app gets updated for iOS Popular cloud storage service Dropbox has been updated for iOS devices. Dropbox for iOS now allows you to scan documents and save them as .PDF files on the cloud for a quick sharing. iPhone and iPad users can use Dropbox to scan printed documents, whiteboards, sketches, receipts and other things that could be converted to searchable PDF files. The update for iOS also includes some other cool features. All Dropbox customers can add comments to photos, create Microsoft Office documents and manage photos from their Mac computers. With this update, Dropbox becomes[…]

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iPhone 8 concept

OLED Display manufactures reportedly ramp up production capacity ahead of iPhone 8

Apple to finally adopt the OLED display technology in 2017 Samsung, LG and Japan Display have reportedly invested billions of U.S dollars to increase their OLED production capacity in a preparation for iPhone 8 in 2017. A report from Japan reveals that Samsung Display will invest almost $7 billion in 2016 alone to expand its OLED capacity by 50%. Other major players will also invest significant amounts of money ahead of the iPhone 8 that is expected to include an OLED display. LG Display will invest a half billion to ramp up OLED panel production for products like TVs and smartphones.[…]

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iPhone 7 plus dual-lens camera

Claimed photo of iPhone 7 Plus reveals a dual-lens camera

More evidence that the 5.5-inch iPhone 7 may feature a dual-lens camera system The latest iPhone 7 leak points to a dual-lens camera for the 5.5-inch variant. An alleged spy image of the iPhone 7 Plus suggests that Apple may really use the rumored dual-lens camera configuration for the bigger iPhone 7, despite previous reports that technical difficulties might have stopped Apple’s plans for the imaging department. Sources from China revealed earlier this month that the new camera might not be ready in time for the iPhone 7’s production. But if Apple really uses this new dual-lens configuration in iPhone[…]

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Bank of America Apple Pay NFC

ATM withdrawals with Apple Pay enabled in select locations

Bank of America ATMs now support Apple Pay withdrawals Bank of America is now allowing users to withdraw cash from ATMs in select locations around the US using NFC and Apple-Pay. A Reddit user has noticed that the NFC readers in California have been switched on for some ATMs, but they currently only work with Bank of America’s own credit/debit cards. However, support for third-party cards could be added too, so you could withdraw money without entering your card in the ATM, just by touching the NFC reader and entering the password. Bank of America announced earlier in 2016 that[…]

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iOS 10 hidden dark theme mode

iOS 10 may include a Dark Theme

Hidden dark mode found in the first developer iOS 10 beta The first beta of iOS 10 reportedly includes a hidden dark theme. Although Apple didn’t’ announced the dark mode, nor it was included in the promo video of iOS 10 published after the press-conference last week, some watchful developers have found the dark mode hiding inside the OS. Developers like @AndyWiik has even posted on Twitter screenshots of the dark mode in iOS10 after it is enabled, revealing that Apple may be planning to bring the dark backgrounds to iOS 10. However, the dark mode still looks like a[…]

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iOS 8 iphone 6

iOS 10’s Raise to Wake up will only work on iPhone 6S or newer models

The new iOS feature requires an M9 processor Not all devices that will be officially upgraded to iOS 10 later in 2016 will support all new features in iOS 10. We already know that iPhones without touch-press sensitive displays won’t be able to benefit from interactive Lock screen notification in the same way that new models like the iPhone 6s will. Now, we learn that yet another feature coming with iOS 10 will be limited only to the new models – iPhone 6s, 6S Plus, iPhone SE and the upcoming iPhone 7. The feature is called ‘Raise to Wake up’.[…]

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ios10 screen

Taking a photo in iOS 10 won’t break the music playback

Finally: Snap a photo while listening to music One of the smaller, unnoticed changes in the first iOS 10 beta, available for developers ahead of the public release, is the background music playback while using the Camera (Yes, finally!). This has been among the most annoying features in iOS for years, while other platforms, like Android and Windows Mobile, had this ”feature” for a long time. Prior iOS 10, an iPhone user who was listening to music and who decided to open the Camera for a photo would have the music playback interrupted. The same would happen if the user[…]

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