ios 11

First full jailbreak of iOS 11 to be released soon

iOS versions up to 11.1.2 could be hacked. Google’s Project Zero, a team focused on finding security holes and vulnerabilities in competing platforms like iOS and Windows, has recently found an exploit in iOS 11. The exploit has not been revealed in details yet, but if published, it could lead to the first public jailbreak of iOS 11. Although it was fixed by Apple in the iOS 11.2 update, devices running versions up to 11.1.2 could be hacked, allowing you to gain a full control over the mobile operating system. Ian Beer has posted on Twitter that ‘task for pid[…]

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VeeR Editor

This free iOS app allows you to edit 360-degree videos

VeeR Editor is a powerful tool to edit 360-degree videos. You shoot 360-degree videos and want to edit them on the go? You don’t need a PC or Mac anymore, because with this free app for iOS you can edit on iPhone or iPad. Called VeeR Editor, the app allows you to edit your videos, add effects, stickers and some interesting effects. You can add music from the free catalogue with a single tap, preview and then share your creations on the Social media. VeeR Editor supports 360-degree videos captured by all popular cameras like Xiaomi Mi Shpere, Samsung Gear[…]

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Shazam app

Apple may buy music discovery service Shazam

Shazam could boost Apple’s music streaming service. The music recognition service Shazam is integrated into Siri from iOS 8, identifying a song, TV show, film or ad in a few seconds. Shazam’s relationships with Apple are strong, also thanks to integration with Apple Music, allowing subscribers to play a song discovered by Shazam directly in Apple Music. Shazam is also a popular app with over 1 billion downloads across the different platforms. TechCrunch is reporting from their sources that Apple is acquiring Shazam, and the deal will be announced next week. According to the publication, the deal would be worth[…]

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face id sensor ipHoneX

New production capacity for Face ID components suggest all iPhones will ditch the Home button in 2018

Finisar prepares to increase the VCSEL production A critical component of the Face ID system is the VCSEL arrays, and one of Apple’s main suppliers has just announced a new plant that will begin mass-production in the second half of 2018. Finisar acquired a 700,000-square foot plant, in attempts to expand the output for its clients, among which is Apple. The acquisition is in line with the rumors that Apple is planning to offer Face ID with all new models in 2018. Currently, only the flagship iPhone X has facial recognition, while the iPhone 8 duo relies on the old[…]

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Microsoft Skype logo

Skype updated with design improvements and iPhone X support

New version of Skype embraces the notch. Microsoft has optimized another app for the unique iPhone X notch. This time, it’s the Skype app with an update in the App Store. Alongside the support for iPhone X and improved scaling on the device, Skype gets a revamped design for iOS. Skype version 8.12 now extends to the entire usable screen on the iPhone X, and introduces the new interface that has been in testing since October. After the major redesign in the Summer, this is the second time Microsoft releases such a significant design overhaul in 2017. The app now[…]

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More than half of the photo uploads on Flickr in 2017 are from iPhone

Apple has a 54% share of the Flickr uploads in 2017. The popular website for professional and amateur photographers,, has reviewed the top devices of 2017, taking a deeper look at the camera used to take and upload photos. Smartphone, as a device type, keeps growing on Flickr, reaching a 50% share of all device types in 2017. 33 percent of the photos are coming from DSLRs, 12% from compact point-and-shoot cameras, while only 4 percent of the photos were shot using a mirrorless camera. Smartphones grew from 48% in 2016, to 50% in 2017, just like DSLRs –[…]

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Unauthorized access to HomeKit accessories in iOS 11.2 has been fixed

The security issue with HomeKit devices has been fixed. Apple released the iOS 11.2 update to supported iPhone and iPad models last week, introducing Apple Pay Cash to everyone in the US, and faster wireless charging speeds for iPhone 8 and X. the update also fixed many bugs, such as the date and calculator bugs discovered in previous versions. But there is a vulnerability discovered in iOS 11.2 allowing unauthorized access to Home Kit accessories. The bug allowed remote access to accessories like locks if you updated to iOS version 11.2. A week after iOS 11.2 hit the general public,[…]

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iPhone battery 2018 iPhone 9

1-cell battery with higher capacity tipped for the 2018 iPhone X

Improved battery design may lead to larger batteries in 2018. Apple is collaborating with LGC to improve the design of the batteries used in iPhones, according to a report from KGI, obtained by MacRumors. iPhone X adopted a two-cell design with an L-shaped battery, but the company is working on a 1-cell battery with the same shape. This would result in up to 10% more power for the possible successor to the iPhone X. The possible more space-efficient design would lead to a slight increase in the capacity. For example, while the iPhone X has a 2716mAh battery inside, the[…]

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apple store app

Apple Store app updated with new purchasing options and card scanner

Apple Store app updated to version 4.4. Apple has just rolled out an update to the Apple Store app for iOS. Version 4.4 improves the performance on iOS 11, but also adds some new features for everyone. The Apple Store app now has a built-in scanner, so you can add a debit/credit card more easily at checkout. You don’t need to manually type the card number in the field anymore thanks to the app’s scanning feature. Additionally, the app doesn’t require a pre-authorization for full-price purchases of iPhone on one of the US carriers. Instead, the user could activate later.[…]

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apple pay italy

Apple Pay gets support for new banks in US, Canada, Japan and Russia

Additional bank institutions now support Apple Pay Apple is expanding the coverage of Apple Pay in some of the markets. In the US, Apple Pay has added support for 21 new banks and credit institutions. Additionally, Apple Pay adds new institutions in Japan, Canada and Russia. The company added 40 new banks in the US in November only, and keeps adding new each month, which makes the mobile payment platform even more popular. Additionally, the US users can now send and receive peer-to-peer payments thanks to Apple Pay Cash – a service integrated with both the Wallet and the Messaging[…]

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