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Apple bans vaping apps from the App Store

In reaction to the ‘vaping crisis’, Apple has controversially removed all vaping related apps from the App Store. What is the vaping crisis? Throughout the early summer months of summer 2019, it was reported that over 450 people had fallen to a mystery illness which eventually led to the deaths of 12 people. The illness was eventually linked to Vaping E-liquid that contained vitamin E. In response, several states issued statements discouraging vaping and some even banned it altogether. Currently, the FDA and White House are investigating whether or not vaping is actually dangerous. Apple’s decision In response to the[…]

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The Smartest Gadgets to Make Your Life Easy

To paraphrase the new world of tech is now moving pretty fast. And if you slumb and stop looking around once in a while. You are surely bound to miss the real chance of having your own drone that comes with a magnificent 12 megapixel camera. Therefore it is very wise to make sure you keep up with the latest in tech. Rather than keeping up with the Kardishians. Well, lets not keep on uttering people’s names, we might get into big trouble. We are in trouble already as we are also trying to figure out which game is giving[…]

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How to create your own iOS app

You may think that creating your own iOS application is a complicated and lengthy process. But the reality is you do not need to learn a programming language to create your mobile application yourself. Some time ago, the coding way was the only option, but nowadays, a mainstream application creator software is much more visual and intuitive than it was ever before. You can still choose to hire a team of mobile developers, but it may appear a much more expensive way than you think. If you are up to a more affordable option, then you need to know that[…]

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iOS 13 brings Dark Mode among other new features

Apple made the iOS 13 update official at the WWDC 2019. Cupertino-based company officially introduced its upcoming update for iOS. Dubbed iOS 13, the update will bring many new features and changes to iPhones, among them the highly-anticipated Dark Mode across both the system menu and the apps. Users would finally be able to change the appearance of the system from the traditional white to dark, which is found to be more pleasant for the eyes. People familiar with other operating systems, namely Windows Mobile and iOS, have been enjoying Dark mode for long time. In fact, this is the[…]

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How to Improve Your Sleep with iPhone

With so many different apps and features, iPhone has, it’s no wonder one of the many great things it can do is to track your sleep. With Apple’s Health app, which comes with the default apps, it’s as easy as ever! It can also give us insights into our own sleeping habits. Firstly, what matters most with sleep is the quality of it. Therefore, using an app like Apple Health can help you not only learn more about your body but your sleeping patterns as well. This leads to a happier and healthier body! Beddit Another great app that can[…]

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Identity Theft Protection: What You Should Do Immediately When Your Identity Is Stolen

No one wants to have their identity stolen. Unluckily, it’s a risk most of the world has to experience these days. Javelin Strategy & Research reported that there were 16.7 million victims of identity fraud in 2017. This staggering number represents a demand for a better defense system for businesses and individuals alike. So, what is the best procedure for those who have already been victimized or are ready to prepare themselves? The resources available are relatively of a double-edged sword. There are many options and reports to fill out, which can be thorough but also time-consuming. It can also[…]

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iPad Pro to support Logitech Crayon stylus

Upcoming iOS 12 update will bring support for Crayon. Apple is planning to bring support for Logitech Crayon with the upcoming iOS 12 update for iPad Pro. According to information obtained by The Verge, the latest iPad Pro 2018 will support the tilt-sensitive stylus after an update. The next version of iOS, expected this month, will add support for the Logitech’s accessory, but only for the latest generation of iPad Pro. Earlier models won’t be supported as it seems, which means users with the 12.9 inch model from 2017 won’t be able to use the Crayon after iOS 12.2. Apple[…]

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Facebook & Instagram password change is a must

New security breach exposes millions of accounts to attacks Have you ever changed your Facebook and Instagram password? If not, then you should think about changing them right now. Every year there are reports about stolen passwords and security breaches. This time, Facebook itself acknowledges about the problem in a statement. During a routine task, Facebook employees have discovered that millions of password were recently stolen from an internal database. These are not minor numbers, representing hundreds of million passwords – between 200 and 600 millions. They were stolen in a simple text file, which was part of a database[…]

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Belkin announces new wireless chargers

New iPhones for 2019 may ship with a faster charger

iPhones 2019 may include a 18W charger and an USB-C to lighting cable. Apple is often criticized for being too greedy by not shipping a Fast charger with the new iPhone models although they support faster charging speeds. Thus, the company gains even more revenue from selling different cables, chargers and accessories. However, the situation may be about to change this year, according to a report by Macotakara – a Japanese blog focused on iPhone. According to the publication, the 2019 iPhone could be shipped with a 18W USB-C adapter, instead of the current slow-speed adapter with a Lighting cable.[…]

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event march 25 Apple 2019

Apple holding a special event on March 25

What to expect during the first press-conference for 2019 In its first big event scheduled for Monday, March 25, Apple is expected to talk more about new services rather than hardware. However, we expect many exciting announcements during the presentation. Here’s what to be expected: TV Streaming The company has been rumored to be working on a TV streaming service that would allow subscribers to watch on demand TV shows and movies on the fly. This new service would be provided via the current TV app after an update, which will also enable channel bundles and aggregated content from cable[…]

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