iPhone 8 launch September 22 Australia Sydney

Not much excitement about the iPhone 8 in the Apple Stores

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus have been released today.

There’s not much excitement about the new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 in Australia, at least not yet. The new iPhones have just gone on sale in the first countries this morning, but the line was shorter than previous launches.

Fewer than 30 people were waiting for iPhones outside of the Apple’s Store in Sydney, while in previous years there were hundreds. At the same time, Twitter users inform about fewer customers in other Apple stores.

But the number of people lining up outside the physical stores has also dropped over the years because many users prefer to make an online purchase and not to waste time in getting a new phone.

Apple iPhone line up 2017

Another reason for fewer people in front of the Store is iPhone X. Many potential customers are still waiting for the flagship device that will become available for pre-order in late October, but the initial supplies will be limited, according to many reports.

Source: reuters

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