iphone x plus

iPhone X Plus – specs, price, features

Everything we know about the iPhone X Plus. Apple is working on a trio of smartphones for late 2018, but the most interesting one is definitely the iPhone X Plus. The larger X model should debut with the hardware refresh of the original iPhone X, and a model with LCD display and a more affordable price. Let’s round up everything we know about the iPhone X Plus: Design iPhone X Plus will look like a larger version of the current X model. It will have the same design with the display cutout at the top. The sensor notch will remain[…]

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faceID iPhone X

Apple Face ID is two years ahead of the competition

iPhone X’s facial recognition may not be matched until next year. Apple’s first phone without Touch ID, the iPhone X, uses special 3D sensors occupying the display cutout at the top to recognize its owner and unlock itself. And while some Android manufacturers have quickly introduced their own solutions, we may need to wait at least until late 2019 in order for this systems to reach the popularity and the accuracy of iPhone X. According to a report from Reuters, Apple has a strategic advantage in the 3D sensing tech over the competition. Apple’s suppliers of 3D sensors won’t be[…]

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Breakability tests show how durable are the iPhone X and Galaxy S9.

Which is more durable – iPhone X or Galaxy S9?

Breakability tests show how durable are the iPhone X and Galaxy S9. Years ago, the popular smartphones were far less complicated in terms of design and features than the devices we currently have. They had policarbonate or aluminum backs, displays with big bezels protecting the screen better, and removable back covers, making them relatively not easy to break. Today, the flagship devices have complex designs with curved displays, glass backs and relatively thin and light bodies. That’s why it’s very important to know how breakable the device is. Fortunately, some YouTube channels have specialized in performing such tests. In the[…]

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Meltdown and Spectre

Intel’s new processors will include built-in protection against Meltdown and Spectre

8th generation Intel Core won’t have the security holes. While software patches already protected computer configurations with Intel Core chips against Meltdown variant 1, upcoming generations of processors will include higher protection built-in. They will be protected not only against Meltdown v1, but also against v2 & v.3. Intel’s CEO has commented: We have redesigned parts of the processor to introduce new levels of protection through partitioning that will protect against both Variants 2 and 3. Think of this partitioning as additional “protective walls” between applications and user privilege levels to create an obstacle for bad actors. Intel is preparing[…]

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Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung to copy Apple’s Face ID in the Galaxy S10

Samsung’s own Face ID may debut in 2019 with the Galaxy S10. 3D camera modules for the upcoming Samsung flagship in 2019 are reportedly under active development, according to information posted at The Bell in Korea. It appears that Samsung is partnering with an Israeli startup to create something similar to Face ID in the iPhone X for authentication. 3D facial scanning in the Galaxy S10 would significantly improve the security of the upcoming Samsung models, as the current flagship device still relies on the imperfect iris-based 2D scanning. Face ID in the iPhone X, on the other hand, generates[…]

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apple pay japan

Apple Pay expanding soon to Belgium and the Netherlands

Contactless payments may be coming to new countries in Europe. Apple is gradually expanding its own mobile-based payments, Apple Pay, to more countries. According to Apple’s support webpage, customers in Belgium and the Netherlands will soon be able to pay wirelessly using their iPhone or iPad. The website now lists a bank in the Netherlands – Bunq, which is a sign that the service is launching soon in the country. Apple Pay already has around 130 million customers around the globe, which are 16 percent of the iPhone users, according to Loup Ventures. The Apple Pay service in the Netherlands[…]

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iOS 12 and the new macOS to be unveiled on June 4

Apple’s developer conference will happen between 4th and 8th of June Apple has announced today the date when the annual conference for developers WWDC will start in San Jose. WWDC18 will be between 4 and 8th of June, which means we are less than three months away from the next versions of iOS and macOS. As usual in the past years, the access to WWDC will be highly limited while the interest is huge. That’s why random developers will have the opportunity to buy a ticket for $1599. The most interesting date for the average user should be 4th of[…]

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apple music

Apple Music now has 38 million subscribers

Spotify is still a distant leader with 71 million paying users. Apple’s music streaming service has increased its user base by 2 million for a single month. In February 2018, Apple Music had 36 million subscribers, while this month in March, the users reached 38 million. Wall Street Journal has confirmed that Apple Music is growing rapidly over the past three years, but Spotify is still the king. Swedish-based streaming app, Spotify, has the huge number of 159 million users, but only 71 million of them are using the premium version without ads and unlimited streaming. Spotify is one of[…]

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iphone x plus

Apple may reduce or eliminate the iPhone notch in 2019

Android manufacturers embracing the notch design influenced by iPhone X. Apple is looking to improve, reduce and maybe completely eliminate the sensor notch from the iPhone line up in 2019 or 2020, according to a new report by ET News in Korea. The report reiterates that Apple is planning three new models for 2018 – one with LCD and two with OLED screens, but all to include FaceID, reduced bezels, and probably a smaller notch. Apple’s notch design for iPhone X has faced negative reviews from some media and fans, but it’s now becoming a hot trend among the Android[…]

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macbook air 2018

Apple possibly working on a cheaper MacBook Air

KGI Securities: a cheaper version of the MacBook Air may be coming in 2018. Market analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has sent out another research note to KGI Securities’ customers. In the report, he encourages investors to look after three new Apple products in 2018: the upcoming 6.1-inch LCD iPhone, the new version of AirPods, and a new, cheaper version of the MacBook Air. While we have already heard a number of reports about the first two devices, for the first time we hear today about MacBook Air 2018. Boosted by MacBook Air, it’s expected that the combined MacBook shipments will grow[…]

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