iPhone’s market share drops 8% in the United States

iOS’s global smartphone share has dropped in Q3 2017.

As many users were waiting for the iPhone X to upgrade, the iOS’s market share in the US logically dropped in the third quarter of the year. Apple’s smartphone share was 40.6% in Q3, down from 32.9% a year ago. In 2016, Apple’s sales reached its peak well before Q3’s end, while this year iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X went on sale a bit later, not influencing the Q3 results as much as in 2016. But the phone is gradually improving its stock availability, with shipping estimates as low as a few days depending on the market.

Kantar Worldpanel says that Apple saw a similar drop in other key markets, as there are still many waiting for the iPhone X. Apple lost 4.3% in EU5 and 7.5% in Japan, but the share is expected to improve dramatically in Q4.

sales q3 2017

Android had an impressive quarter globally, increasing its presence from 54.5 to 64.9 percent year-over-year. Windows on mobile keeps its free fall, with a smartphone market share dropping from 3.2 percent to just 1.1% in Q3 2017.

China, on the other hand, performed better than other key markets. Apple’s share even increased 0.5 percentage points to 17.4% compared with 2016 in Q3. China is a tough market for many foreign companies – Samsung, for example, had just a 2.2% share in the same quarter, pressured by local vendors such as Huawei and Xiaomi.

Source: Kantar

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