iPhone Camera module

iPhone 2019 to have three back camera lenses and 5x zoom

Apple may be working on a three-lens camera for iPhone 2019. This year, we don’t expect any major changes coming to the iPhone line, if not counting the possible ‘Plus’ version of the iPhone X. But for 2019, Apple may be preparing something interesting for mobile photo enthusiasts to compete with Huawei and their triple-lens camera on the P20 Pro. For many buyers, the camera capabilities is the most important area to consider when choosing a new flagship phone. Samsung, Google and Apple have been leading this game for a while, but a new star has just risen from China.[…]

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iPhone 8 Plus Product red

Red editions of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus launching this week

PRODUCT (RED) editions of the iPhone 8 line go on sale today. [Update] It’s now official. Apple is selling the PRODUCT RED Editions of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus for the same price as the equivalent models in regular colors. iPhone 8 starts $699, while iPhone 8 Plus is $799 for the basic storage variant (64GB). Unlike the iPhone 7 line in RED, the new models have black front bezels which look quite nice. Orders begin today, April 10, in the US, Australia, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom and other key markets. More regions will start selling the PRODUCT (RED)[…]

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iPhone Flex

Here is how the curved iPhone may look like

Renders show a possible iPhone with a curved display. Earlier this week, we talked about how Apple may be creating a curved iPhone whose display is curved from top to bottom, not at the side edges like the Galaxy S9+ and other premium models. In fact, LG already created such a device in 2015 – called the LG G Flex. It was an interesting smartphone, but the complexity of the design resulted in a very high price, so the mainstream market rejected it. A few years later, the technology may be advanced enough to satisfy the consumers and offers a[…]

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iPhone X

Touchless gestures may be coming to iPhones in three years time

Apple reportedly experimenting with 3D gesture controls. According to a new report from Bloomberg, Apple has begun experimenting with 3D gestures for future iPhones. The touchless gesture controls for iOS may be coming in three years time, in an attempt to further differentiate flagship iPhones in a very saturated smartphone market. People familiar with Apple’s plans have revealed that the 3D touchless gestures would allow users to move their fingers above the screen to navigate through the menu without touching the display. The technology may be similar to the gesture controls in Nokia McLaren smartphone that was cancelled by Microsoft[…]

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iPhone X

Japan Display gearing up to produce LCD panels for iPhone 9

The display manufacturer hopes to raise millions to boost its production capacity. Apple finally shifted to OLED in 2017, but the life of LCD iPhones is not over just yet. According to rumors we already covered multiple times on this website, there will be a new LCD model in late 2018 which may be called the iPhone 9. It should be positioned at a lower price point, and released along with two more premium smartphones – iPhone X (2018) and iPhone X Plus. Japan Display had been a major supplier of LCD panels for Apple’s iPhones until last year when[…]

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Foldable iPhone

Foldable iPhone / tablet could be ready for mass production in 2020

Apple exploring new foldable display tech for future devices. We’ve been hearing for over a year now that Microsoft is working on a Project Andromeda – an adaptable operating system that scales in real time depending on the active screen it uses. This new modern Windows is expected to launch this year along with a foldable tablet/smartphone within the Surface brand. And while Microsoft could be the first to bring the foldable smartphone to the market, Apple may be waiting for better times – when the technology is good enough for a foldable form factor. According to a new report[…]

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iPhone X plus

Apple to begin iPhone X Plus trial production in the Summer

The company wants to have enough devices for a massive late 2018 launch. Last year, Apple delayed the market launch of its most interesting device – the iPhone X. Around one month, the company struggled to ramp up production and meet the demand, which resulted in lower-than-expected orders and sales of iPhones. This year, Cupertino is planning three new iPhones for 2018, if not counting the possible iPhone SE successor in the Spring. Along with the second generation of iPhone X, Apple is working on a larger model with the same design, which may be called the iPhone X Plus.[…]

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iphone x plus

iPhone X Plus – specs, price, features

Everything we know about the iPhone X Plus. Apple is working on a trio of smartphones for late 2018, but the most interesting one is definitely the iPhone X Plus. The larger X model should debut with the hardware refresh of the original iPhone X, and a model with LCD display and a more affordable price. Let’s round up everything we know about the iPhone X Plus: Design iPhone X Plus will look like a larger version of the current X model. It will have the same design with the display cutout at the top. The sensor notch will remain[…]

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iPhone SE 2

iPhone SE 2 to be announced on March 27?

Apple has scheduled a media event in Chicago next week. Customers waiting for a compact-sized iPhone may have a luck this Spring, according to sources familiar with Apple’s plans. The company is apparently planning a media event this month in Chicago, where the iPhone SE 2 may be officially unveiled. It’s widely believed that iPhone SE 2 (it may also be called iPhone X SE) will debut exactly two years after the original model announced in March 2016. By presenting the SE model in 2016, Apple partially recovered from lower than expected sales of the iPhone 6 line. Now, in[…]

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Breakability tests show how durable are the iPhone X and Galaxy S9.

Which is more durable – iPhone X or Galaxy S9?

Breakability tests show how durable are the iPhone X and Galaxy S9. Years ago, the popular smartphones were far less complicated in terms of design and features than the devices we currently have. They had policarbonate or aluminum backs, displays with big bezels protecting the screen better, and removable back covers, making them relatively not easy to break. Today, the flagship devices have complex designs with curved displays, glass backs and relatively thin and light bodies. That’s why it’s very important to know how breakable the device is. Fortunately, some YouTube channels have specialized in performing such tests. In the[…]

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