iPhone X

iPhone X owners can hear crackling sounds from the earpiece

Users complaining about sound distortion at high volumes.

iPhone X has been on the market for a more than a week now, and the device is already in the hands of millions of users. It’s not surprising to read about software or hardware issues with new devices on the market, and the iPhone makes no exception here. We’ve already reported about the green line of death affecting some devices, and the screen losing its touchscreen accuracy in sub-zero temperatures or sudden temperature changes.

Another problem, for which we learn on the social media and iPhone forums, is related to the earpiece of the iPhone X. Some of the iPhone X complain about sounds distortion and crackling coming from the earpiece at high or max volumes. The problem affects iPhone X models of any color, storage capacity, carrier variant, and iOS version, which means it could be either a hardware issue or a device-specific bug in the operating system. iPhone X also uses the earpiece as one of the front-facing stereo speakers – combined with the speaker at the bottom of the device. The same happens with the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 lines.

Keep in mind that last month the same problem affected some of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus models, but Apple quickly fixed it via a software update. It’s also worth mentioning that the percent of devices with problems is very small compared to the number of iPhone X manufactured and sold.

Do you have problems with your iPhone X?

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