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iPhone X accounts for 1/3 of the industry’s profit in Q42017

iPhone X responsible for 35% of the smartphone profit globally.

According to a report just released by Counterpoint Research, Apple’s flagship phone generated 35 percent of the profits in the worldwide industry in Q4 2017. The graph below reveals that iPhone X generated five times more profit than all Android manufacturers altogether. iPhone 8 was responsible for 19.1% of the profits, iPhone 8 Plus for 15.2%, while iPhone 7 still generated 6.2%, the report reveals.

As a comparison, the Galaxy Note 8 – the top ranked non-Apple product, accounted for just 3.9% of the worldwide profits in the quarter. Apple clearly remains the most profitable brand in the world, while Android manufacturers struggle to make significant profit as the market is overcrowded and there is no room to compete. Apple’s profits have increased 1 percent on a yearly basis, while the global industry profit declined 1 percent.

iPhone X & X Plus mockups by I

Apple is preparing to release three new models for 2018 – a modest refresh of the iPhone X, a larger iPhone X Plus, and an LCD-based iPhone that may cost as low as $599.

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