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iPhone 8 may include a function area for virtual buttons and shortcuts

Upcoming OLED iPhone to have a 5.8-inch OLED screen.

As you probably know, Apple is going to remove the physical home button from the upcoming iPhone 8 (or X) with OLED display. The new model will come with a new design that can be characterized with an all-glass body and screen taking the entire front. Logically, the Touch ID sensor will also be eliminated along with the Home button, and possibly embedded into the glass. Now, a new report may have shed more light on Apple’s plans for 2017.

According to the new information, Apple is going to launch three models in 2017 – iPhone 7s with a 4.7-inch LCD screen, iPhone 7S with a 5.5-inch LCD screen – both with modest improvements over the current line, and iPhone 8 with a 5.15-inch OLED display. The report also claims that below this OLED screen will be a small function area for navigation and other purposes. The tiny strip, part of the display, may be an approach similar to the 2016 MacBook’s touch-bar, allowing users not only to navigate through menus and apps, but also to access shortcuts and see relevant information from the running app.

With the function area into the account, the whole screen may measure in at 5.8 inches across the diagonals, but the phone itself may have the same size as as the 4.7-inch model with LCD thanks to aforementioned design improvements. Apple’s 10th anniversary model with OLED is also expected to offer better battery life thanks to improved energy efficiency of OLED technology and a larger battery. Analysts have predicted that Apple’s top-selling product for second half of 2017 will be the premium, OLED version of iPhone, with shipments estimated around 60 million.

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