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How to create your own iOS app

You may think that creating your own iOS application is a complicated and lengthy process. But the reality is you do not need to learn a programming language to create your mobile application yourself. Some time ago, the coding way was the only option, but nowadays, a mainstream application creator software is much more visual and intuitive than it was ever before. You can still choose to hire a team of mobile developers, but it may appear a much more expensive way than you think. If you are up to a more affordable option, then you need to know that[…]

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iOS 13 brings Dark Mode among other new features

Apple made the iOS 13 update official at the WWDC 2019. Cupertino-based company officially introduced its upcoming update for iOS. Dubbed iOS 13, the update will bring many new features and changes to iPhones, among them the highly-anticipated Dark Mode across both the system menu and the apps. Users would finally be able to change the appearance of the system from the traditional white to dark, which is found to be more pleasant for the eyes. People familiar with other operating systems, namely Windows Mobile and iOS, have been enjoying Dark mode for long time. In fact, this is the[…]

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event march 25 Apple 2019

Apple holding a special event on March 25

What to expect during the first press-conference for 2019 In its first big event scheduled for Monday, March 25, Apple is expected to talk more about new services rather than hardware. However, we expect many exciting announcements during the presentation. Here’s what to be expected: TV Streaming The company has been rumored to be working on a TV streaming service that would allow subscribers to watch on demand TV shows and movies on the fly. This new service would be provided via the current TV app after an update, which will also enable channel bundles and aggregated content from cable[…]

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Fourth Beta of iOS 12.2 now available for testing

Apple releases the new iOS beta for public testers and developers. The company has just unleashed the 4th beta of the iOS 12.2 update, available for all inpatient users who want to test the latest improvements, new features and fixes ahead of everyone. iOS 12.2 Beta IV can be installed as an OTA update or through the Developer Center on your device. As a follow up to the previous betas, this update doesn’t add anything visible in terms of features, but it probably brings some under the hood changes and tweaks. iOS 12.2 introduces Apple News to Canada, allowing users[…]

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iOS 12 update

iOS 12.2 enters Beta 2 public testing period

Apple rolls out the second beta of iOS 12.2. The company has just unleashed the update to everyone in the iOS’s beta program after it became available for developers a day earlier. Beta testers can now install iOS 12.2 Beta II as an OTA update on their devices. This update brings nothing but performance improvements and fixes over Beta 1. However, iOS 12.2 as a major update of iOS 12 brings some visible new features for everyone. This release introduces Apple News app for Canadian users who can now read stories in two languages – Franch and English. There is[…]

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iOS 12 Banner

Apple rolls out the third iOS 12.1.3 Beta

Public testers and developers can install a new iOS release. The company is now rolling out the third Beta of iOS 12.1.3. to members of the Public testing programs as well as those registered as developers. The update doesn’t add anything new, but under the hood, there could be some fixes and performance improvements you might notice in terms of smoother and less buggy experience. While Apple is yet to unveil when the final iOS 12.1.3 will hit the general public, you can join the Beta program and install this update ahead of the general release. Keep in mind that[…]

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iOS 12 update

iOS 12 now installed on 52% of the devices

Apple’s latest OS version overtakes iOS 11 iOS 12, the latest official version of the platform, has surpassed iOS 11 in terms of number of installations. According to data collected by Mixpanel, iOS 12 is installed on 52% of the active devices, while the older iOS 11 has dropped to 41%. iOS 12 first overtook iOS 11 last week, and for just a few days the install base of the new OS version grew rapidly. Apple started rolling out the update on September 17, which means that the two-week adoption rate is pretty good. Apple is enjoying higher adoption rate[…]

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Apple releases iOS 12.1 Beta to fix the charging bug

The company is testing a first update patch for iOS 12. Last week we informed you about a strange bug in the official iOS 12 update, appearing randomly for the new iPhone Xs and Xs Max, as well as other iPhone and iPad models. The bug was that the device would not start charging when the screen is turned off, so the user had to disconnect and reconnect the cable. The company is now releasing iOS 12.1 Beta for users in the public testing channel, and we can confirm that the charging bug has been fixed in this beta. Previously[…]

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Group FaceTime for public testers

First beta of iOS 12.1 re-enables Group FaceTime for public testers

Apple rolls out the first beta of iOS 12.1 update. A week after Cupertino released the official iOS 12 update to eligible iPhones like iPhone 5S and newer, the company is ready to offer the first minor update for iOS 12. Beta 1 is available through the public beta testing program, re-introducing the Group FaceTime feature, but also bringing some under the hood improvements and fixes. iOS 12.1 Beta 1 would allow you to chat with up to 32 contacts at once. This feature was first introduced earlier this year in beta versions of iOS12, but it was pulled later[…]

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iOS 12 logo

iOS 12 is now officially available, even for iPhone 5S

You can install and the new iOS version – iOS 12 Apple is now rolling out the official update to everyone with supported iPhones and iPads. After months in testing and many beta versions, the new version of the platform is ready to hit the general public. Available even for the 5-years old iPhone 5S, iOS 12 promises major performance improvements for everyone. It’s a completely revamped platform in its core, promising faster boot and more responsive experience for older iPhone models like iPhone 5S. You can expect faster app launches, faster resuming and more fluid overall experience. There are[…]

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