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iOS 12: cool new features coming to iPhone

Here’s what’s new in the iOS 12 update in 2018. Apple’s officially unveiled its major iOS update planned for Autumn 2018. iOS 12 will be coming to a wide range of devices, including iPhone 5S that is almost 5-year old, promising faster app boot and improved performance even on old hardware. Like previously expected, Apple will focus on performance in this update, but there will be many new features here and there. In this article you can read about the best new things coming to iPhone and iPad in 2018. Notification groups Finally, iOS 12 can group the notifications in[…]

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iOS 12 update

iOS 12 update coming to the 5-year old iPhone 5S

Apple announced the next iOS update coming fall 2018 Apple unveiled at the WWDC18 conference this week the next major iOS update – iOS 12. The update will focus on improvements and performance, although there will be many small new features and changes here and there. The company says that iOS 12 will make the older devices faster – they will start apps 40% faster than before. The keyboard will pop-up 50% faster, while the camera may start 70% faster, which is indeed amazing. The good news is that you don’t have to buy a new iPhone to experience iOS[…]

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iOS update fixes the unresponsive screen after a replacement

Apple releases iOS 11.3.1 to the general public. Earlier this month, we informed you about the bug experienced by users who decided to replace their iPhone 8’s screen in a third-party service provider. The bug was that the touchscreen became fully unresponsive, which was because Apple intentionally or not, disabled the touch screen functionality if the display had been replaced by a third-party company. Now, the iOS 11.3.1 update fixes this issue for iPhone 8 owners. The company is rolling out the update for everyone, so make sure you’ve headed to the Settings to scan for updates. New features and[…]

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Wi-Fi Calling:

Wi-Fi Calling: How to set it up on iPhone or iPad

Make free calls thanks to Wi-Fi Calling. A feature hidden in Settings → Phone, would allow you to call any number from home country for free, providing that you’ve enabled Wi-Fi Calling on your device, and connected to a Wi-Fi Network. This feature works on three carriers in the United States – Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile. Here is how to make phone calls without a cellular connection: Enable Wi-Fi Calling on your device. Go to the Settings App and Tap ‘Phone‘ → WiFi Calling. If you have an Apple Watch, the feature will automatically enable on the smartwatch. You may[…]

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Google Play Store is almost twice the size of the App Store

iOS apps decreased, while Google Play Store ballooned in 2017 Quantity doesn’t mean quality, but the sheer numbers of available apps on Android and iOS at the end of 2017 reveals an interesting picture. Google Play expanded massively, reaching 3.6 million apps in 2017, thanks to the 1.5 million new releases. At the same time, Apple’s Play Store decreased 5% from 2.2 million available apps to 2.1 million. 750,000 new apps were published in the App Store, but multiple factors lead to the decrease in the total number. Apple introduced in 2017 a new policy for publishing apps, and required[…]

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iOS 11.4 debuts for developers with three new features

First beta of iOS 11.4 released for developers. Apple has rolled out the first developer beta of iOS 11.4, introducing some new features and changes compared with iOS 11.3 (official). The first beta is currently live only for registered developers, but public testers should also be able to get their hands on this release in the coming days. What’s new: iOS 11.4 Beta I re-introduces the Messages backup on iCloud. The feature first appeared in early iOS 11.3 betas, but it was eventually removed from the official 11.3 release. You could easily restore your messages after a hard-reset. AirPlay 2[…]

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Tips to improve the battery life in iOS 11 and iPhone X

How to fix the battery problems on iOS 11.3 and newer iOS 11.3, the latest update of the operating system that runs on iPhone SE, iPhone 6 and newer, has caused some problems with the battery life, including a sudden battery drain experienced by iPhone X owners. Here is how you can try to fix the issues and improve the battery life of your iPhone: Restart the iPhone. You can try the easiest solution first – a simple reboot. Depending on the device you have, there is a different key combination you should use to reset. iPhone X and iPhone[…]

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Apple ID website

Apple will soon allow you to delete all data from all iPhone services

The company is working on a new Apple ID website. Reports are emerging online saying that the Cupertino-based technology leader is working on revamped privacy controls to comply with new EU laws. Apple will apparently update its Face ID website where users can see all stored data from all Apple/iOS services. The new website to manage your Apple account will allow you access all content, password, personal info and other data stored on the cloud by iPhone services. By logging in with your Apple ID and password, you will be able to download or completely delete this data. This website[…]

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iOS 11.3 update rolls out to new iPads, update for iPhone imminent

Apple releases the iOS update for six-generation iPad The iPad’s 2018 hardware refresh in the form of the new iPad (6th generation) announced earlier this week is already receiving its first update, from 11.2 to iOS version 11.3. Strangely enough, the update is rolling out only to this specific model, while other iPads and iPhones are still on the 11.2 version. However, Apple appears to be releasing iOS 11.3 to all supported models very soon. iPad 2018 is already shipping to the first customers, while the physical sales may not start until early next week. If you are among the[…]

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iOS 12 and the new macOS to be unveiled on June 4

Apple’s developer conference will happen between 4th and 8th of June Apple has announced today the date when the annual conference for developers WWDC will start in San Jose. WWDC18 will be between 4 and 8th of June, which means we are less than three months away from the next versions of iOS and macOS. As usual in the past years, the access to WWDC will be highly limited while the interest is huge. That’s why random developers will have the opportunity to buy a ticket for $1599. The most interesting date for the average user should be 4th of[…]

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