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The modern world of dating has become sufficiently easier for a regular user to understand, and due to the online dating apps that save you a ton of time, it is extremely comfortable. In this article, we are going to take a closer look at some of the trendiest dating apps for iPhone users and discover their special features, similarities, and difference.

The first thing that is common for all of the applications mentioned below is the registration process, namely its simplicity; a new user just needs to undergo the authorization through Facebook. Then, in a couple of clicks, the profile will be ready to use. The algorithm of choosing a partner for a conversation is easy as well; in most cases, it means swiping or clicking, which is fast and clear. What goes next is the matching process. In modern apps, the system calculates it itself and shows you partner options that may be the most suitable for you according to the data you have mentioned. So, let’s find out what are the biggest ships in the sea of iOs online dating world up to date.

1. Mamba

The Mamba service has existed since the time when there have been no iPhones as such, and it is currently the largest dating service in Russia and Eastern Europe.

In its present form, the Mamba mobile application consists of 5 tabs:

  • “Search” option that allows you to find an interlocutor based on several criteria, including age, gender, location, and personal preferences.
  • “Messages” section for contacting those who have reciprocated.
  • “Photo gallery” where you can see the new photos of users who are nearby. You can also upload your photos and watch streams from participants from around the world.
  • “Dating” section in which you can quickly rate photos. Swipe right – like; swipe left – go to the next profile.
  • The last section is a personal account view. Here, you can change information about yourself, order paid services, and customize the app.

2. Badoo

Badoo has long been appreciated by amateurs willing to chat and meet around the world. Just browse photos of registered users of the opposite sex and give your verdict – yes or no – in few clicks.

This app provides you with an opportunity to text the person first, even if she/he did not like your profile in their feed. If they visited your profile, the system will provide you with such an option.

There are also several search modes in Badoo: in addition to the usual swiping thing, there is also a common display feed of new users. However, you can reach out to them only if you acquire a superpower that you can buy for the real money. Another fun mode is the search of the lookalike people.  You choose a photo of a person, for example, your celebrity crush, and the application shows all the users who resemble the person on the photo.

Another important advantage of Badoo is video chats. If you think about it, it is very cool for this type of application. Provided you have chatted with the person you liked, you will know they are real, and you are not getting yourself into a scam.

3. Topface

Another international dating service popular in our time. After installation of the app, the user will need to create an account. There are two ways to do this:

  • Create a new profile, which you can do using social networks. You will need to upload a photo and fill in the information section.
  • The second way to create an account means the photos are added from your already existent social network profile or from the phone gallery. Here, you will also need to specify some data (dating goals, character, level of sociability, external data).

A simple interface resembles the social networks we are all so used to, so it will not be difficult for anyone to understand the sections and settings if Topface.

In the “Dating” section, you can search for a person by different criteria – gender, age, place of residence (city). Other users can like you and send gifts.

In the “Likes” section, you can see the person you liked and people that liked you. The app allows you also to exchange text messages and gifts.

4. Tinder

It is the only app on the list today that has an interface adapted to Apple TV. The search of a partner begins with the selection of the desired age range and search radius. After a couple of clicks, the range of people willing to meet and text in the nearest location is shown before you.

The photos of the users are displayed one by one, and by swiping left or right, you decide whether you like this or that person. Right means “yes,” and left means that you are not interested.

As you can see, the range of dating apps today is various, so are their options and features. New services quickly become trendy today because they try to impress the users, but same old dating giants still continue to occupy the top positions on the market.

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