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iOS 11’s photo and camera improvements detailed in video

Apple to bring major new features to the Camera app.

Even though Apple announced the next update of iOS this month, the operating system is still in an early beta stage. However, the company rolled out an early preview to developers who can start playing with the new features and enhance their apps. Fortunately, there are some videos revealing more of the upcoming new features iOS 11. One of the areas with significant improvements is the Camera (and the photo app).

Thanks to a video from MacRumors, we can have a look at the most interesting camera & photo enhancements in iOS 11.

First of all, the top-end smartphone iPhone 7 Plus can take portrait photos with optical image stabilization and HDR. Thus, the portrait photos appear to be better looking, especially in low light.

Another improvement related to the photos is the new editing options for Live Photos. You will be able to select a key photo that looks the best, crop the photos just like videos, and even create a looping GIF file. Using the Long Exposure feature you could combine multiply Live Photos and create a nice looking blur effect.

Additionally, the photo app can automatically generate memories and group them into categories like birthdays, sports, babies, and more. Apple also adopted new formats for photos and videos, resulting in decreased size of the files by up to 50%.

Watch the video for all improvements in action:

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