iOS 11 has a 68% adoption, while Google’s latest Android is on just 0.3% of the phones

Google keeps struggling to increase the market share of Android 8.0 Oreo.

Google has published its monthly report about the market share of the different Android versions, and the situation doesn’t look very optimistic. Android 8.0 was on just 0.2% of the devices in use a month ago, while on November 7 the share barely increased to 0.3%.Most of the manufacturers have yet to update their most premium smartphones, and some of them could completely scrap the update plans. In fact, the market growth of Android Oreo is only thanks to the new devices that shipped directly with version 8.0.

Android oreo 8.0

At the same time, on November 7, more than 66% of the devices running iOS were on the latest version – iOS 11. The previous version, iOS 10, declined to 28%, according to the data on November 7. A week later, on November 13, Apple’s iOS 11 reached a 68% adoption, while iOS 10 was at 26.5%. iOS 11 will continue to grow steadily in the coming months, boosted by sales of the new generation of iPhone – iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X.

iOS 11 market share NOvember 14 68%

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