Instagram update

Instagram update introduces animated GIF stories called ‘Boomerang’

The updated Instagram app also includes user mentions and ‘see more’ tag.

Facebook is introducing new features to its Instagram app for iOS, Android and Windows 10 PC and Mobile. After the update to version 9.7, you will be able to take a burst of photos and create a looping animated GIF for quick sharing to Instagram and posting them on Facebook.

Boomerang is a feature built-in Stores you can access by swiping from the main screen to the right. Then you will see not just a standard camera interface for photos (tap) & videos (long press), but also a new section ‘Boomerang’ you can switch to. Pressing the camera button in Boomerang mode will take and combine multiple burst photos into an animated GIF.

Another new feature for Storeies is the ability to tag friends using @. If you use the @ icon and mention a friend, they will be able to jump directly to your profile – just like the mentioning in comments.

Futhermore, the updated Instgram app also includes a test feature ‘See more’ tag for some verified accounts. Clicking on the tag will let you dig deeper into that accont.

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