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Instagram introduces ‘Stories’ with Snapchat-inspired privacy settings

Share photos and videos in a single slideshow

In attempts to make Instagram more personal and attractive for users, Facebook is introducing a new feature called Stories. It’s like a News Feed known from other social networks, but the Instagram users could create a ‘story’ – a single slideshow made of multiple photos and videos. These slideshows could be shared to a single follower, more than one, or all followers.

Instagram Stories is very similar to the Snapchat feature with the same name. In fact, one of the co-founders confirms that Instagram has been inspired by Shapchat’s Stories which became so popular among teenagers who want to post things in a more private way.

The Instagram stories will be visible from a top bar in your main feed. Friends who post stories will appear in circle photos at the top and you could tap to see their stories in a chronological order. You can comment, draw or add text to their photos, but the stories will disappear 24 hours after they were posted.

The feature has already begun rolling out to the 500 million Instagram users around the world, but it may take a while before Stories pop up in your feed.

Source: Instagram Blog

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