iPad Air 2

A Beginner’s Guide To Speeding Up Your iPad And Improving Its Performance

In the technological world, there is a procedure known as ‘overclocking’ and it is used to literally make a PC computer operate more quickly. Unfortunately, there is nothing similar to this procedure to increase the speed of an Apple iPad. So, if you own an iPad 2, iPad 3, or an iPad Mini, you may have experienced slow run times without an idea of how to fix the problem. While it is not possible to ‘overclock’ an iPad, it is possible to ensure it is operating at optimal efficiency and use some tricks to speed the operation up. This article[…]

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PDF to Word Converter from the App Store

How To Edit Scanned Documents With Free iOS App

iPhone is praised for its great camera and perfectly looking pictures. When that camera is empowered with some scanning apps that are available on the market, you can get the perfect mobile scanner. The documents made by combining these two features are with top quality and they are no different than the documents made with a desktop scanner. Document scanning has a real-life usage, as most business people use now these apps to scan invoices, receipts and contracts. All those scanned documents are actually PDF documents and by their nature, they can’t be edited easily. The scanned PDFs are even[…]

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face id apple pay

Video tutorial explains how to use Apple Pay with iPhone X

A how-to video for Apple Pay has been published online. Apple has released a new video tutorial in which the company explains how to use Apple Pay for transactions with the new iPhone X. Because of the Face ID recognition system in the iPhone X, the process is a bit different than phones with Touch ID like the iPhone 7 & 8. There is no Home Button in the iPhone X, so you have to double-tap on the power button on the side. Step 1: Look for Apple Pay symbol Step 2: Double-click side button. Glance at screen Step 3: Hold[…]

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Apple Pay Cash

How to set up Apple Pay Cash

iOS 11.2 enables peer-to-peer payments. Apple officially introduced the feature Apple Pay Cash with the iOS 11.2 update, initially available only for users in the United States. Apple Pay Cash allows you to send and receive money from anyone in the contact list via Apple’s built-in Messaging app. Here is how to set up and use Apple Pay Cash. Set up: Enable Two-factor authentication. Go to Settings → iCloud → Passwords & Security. Open the Wallet app. Tap on the Apple Pay Cash card at the top. Create your virtual card. Pair a debit / credit card to Apple Pay[…]

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Portrait Lighting

How to shoot portrait photos with iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X

Video tutorials: how to use Portrait Lighting. One of the most interesting new features introduced with the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X is the ability to shoot professional-looking portrait photos. Portrait Lighting is built into the camera app, allowing you to shoot and enhance excellent portrait photos with ease. Apple has just posted two short video tutorials highlighting how to use the feature with the new iPhones. The first video is called ‘How to shoot with Portrait Lighting on iPhone 8 Plus‘. It shows you how to switch to portrait mode and scroll to choose the lighting effect. The[…]

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app notification badges on iOS

How to hide the app notification badges on iOS

Tips: remove the notification badges from the app icons. We previously told you how to remove the text labels for app icons on your iPhone’s home screen. However, for some reason you may also want to hide the red notification badges for apps. For example, the mail app icon may constantly show that you have a thousand unread emails, as you rarely read them and just ignore them. If keep ignoring the badges, however, your start screen may become really annoying for the eyes. That’s why it may be a good idea to stop the device from displaying the notification[…]

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iphone white

E-Wallets & iGaming: How To Make Online Deposits On Your iPhone

Gaming on the go has become a huge part of everyday culture, evidenced by the thousands of games apps currently available on the Apple App Store and the fact that many gaming desktop sites are now creating mobile-friendly platforms. These websites that can now be easily accessed through your iPhone browser of choice are particularly intriguing, as they require a lot of reworking and testing before the creators and customers alike can navigate the pages, interact with the site and ultimately have an enjoyable gaming experience. This is especially true of online casinos and online sportsbooks, as they provide a[…]

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files app ipad

How to tag files in iOS 11 Files app

Organize files by adding tags. iOS 11 comes with the brand new Files app, allowing you to manage your files across the iPad or iCloud storage. But you want to organize your files without moving them to different folders or renaming them, there is another option in Files. You can simply add tags to your files. For example, if you want to group all your pictures of sunsets, you can just create a Sunset tag. Removing the tag won’t affect or delete the files, it just removes the grouping. The good thing is that all tags in iOS 11 Files[…]

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emergency sos

How to disable Touch ID in iOS 11

iOS 11 allows you to temporarily disable touch ID. A new feature in iOS 11, called Emergency SOS, has as a main role to give you a quick access to emergency services such as 911. But you can also use the feature to temporarily disable Touch ID. First, you need to bring up the Emergency SOS: Press the sleep button on your iPhone five times successively. You will see a screen in which you can make an emergency call (SOS) or bring up the Medical ID. Tap the Cancel button at the bottom of the screen. Your Touch ID has[…]

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ioS 10 iMessage message app

How to disable Read Receipts in the default iOS messaging app

Disable & Enable read messages reports in iMessages. iOS’s default messaging app, iMessages, occasionally prompts you to enable a feature called ‘Send Read Receipts’. Once enabled, the app will notify your contacts when you’ve read their messages. The feature was added to iOS for iPhone, iPad and iPod with iOS 5, and it could be easily disabled and once again enabled from the app settings. You may have a valid reason to hate the read statuses, for example, like wanting to hide your online status from friends. Although it’s an optional feature, you can occasionally enable it from the pop-up[…]

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