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How to disable Portrait photo duplicates and have more free space

Portrait mode can eat up the space of your iPhone 7 Plus. Apple recently released iPhone 7 Plus models come with a special camera mode called ‘Portrait’. It uses the double-lens camera of the Plus model to capture two photos and then combines them into a single photo with a DSLR-like bokeh effect. Portrait mode is a camera mode included in the Stock camera app. Once you open it, the iPhone 7 Plus or future iPhone models with a dual-camera configuration, will automatically save two images each time you tap the shutter button for a portrait photo. The software automatically[…]

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How to back up contacts & photos and switch from iPhone to Android

Back up contacts, photos and calendars with Google Drive. If you have an Android phone or tablet, and you want to transfer all your contacts, images and calendar from iPhone / iPad, then Google Drive is here to help you make a painless transition. No more cables and a long process of copying files, creating and uploading backups. Google Drive for iOS does all the hard work instead of you. Here are the steps to switch from iOS to Android: Download and install the Google Drive app on iOS. Run Google Drive, sign in using your account. Create an account[…]

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How to improve your Privacy and security on iOS

Instantly improve your Privacy by tweaking the Settings. We keep so much personal information on our mobile devices that the companies know literally everything about us. Companies like Google, Apple and Microsoft track user’s behavior for the sake of the user experience, to serve more relevant ads, to learn more about our interests, hobbies and more. But this tracking comes at the expense of privacy. That’s why you should carefully consider the potential benefits of all features included in iOS 10. So below, we will teach you how to dramatically improve your privacy using a few simple steps: Disable the[…]

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How to remove text labels for app icons on iOS 10’s home screen

How to temporarily remove the home screen labels on your iPhone. While iOS doesn’t have many customization options, you can’t do much with the appearance of your iPhone or iPad. All iOS devices look the same due to the nature of the platform which doesn’t encourage any changes in the look and feel, especially on the home screen. But after a few simple steps you could make the home screen unique. This tutorial has been developed by iDeviceHelp, and you will need an iOS10 device to temporarily hide the app labels. These labels will disappear until the iPhone / iPad[…]

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How to use a Magnifying Glass to zoom into objects with iOS 10

Activate the Magnifying glass in iOS 10. IOS 10 comes with many new features and improvements for supported iPhones and iPads. Among the new features in iOS 10 is the ability to mega-zoom into objects using the camera. You don’t actually use the main camera app here, but a feature hidden in the Accessibility settings. By enabling the Magnifier you will be able to zoom in more than the stock camera does, and play with many editing options before saving the shot. You can adjust contrast, brightness, or even add a filter to what you are looking on the screen.[…]

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New MacBook Pro 2016 - 2017

What’s the solution for the missing Escape key in the MacBook Pro?

You could use a virtual ESC key or remap the Escape to another key. Apple’s refreshed MacBook Pro will be officially announced tomorrow, but we already know that they will include an OLED touch bar instead of function keys. Yes, Apple will get rid of all function keys, including the useful Escape key, used by many specialists and programmers on their MacBook Pros. It’s clear that using virtual buttons is the smarter approach, but is it smarter for everyone? For regular users, having a configurable touch-sensitive bar with settings and important options depending on the app in use makes a[…]

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How to transfer contacts to another iPhone or Android

Easy steps: transfer contacts to a new iCloud or Android. Buying a new iPhone and then logging-in using the same iCloud account will seamlessly transfer all your contacts to the new device, providing that you’ve properly backed up the contacts to the Cloud. But what about if you want to use a new iCloud account or for some reason – Android. Here is how you can transfer the contacts in three possible scenarios: 1. Switching to a new iPhone (with a new iCould account): Upgrading to a new iPhone and transferring the contacts is a fairly simple process. Sign in[…]

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iphone battery tips

13 amazing tips to improve iPhone battery life

How to boost the battery life of your iPhone Probably the most problematic area in the modern smartphones is their weak battery life. All devices, including the iPhone, need to be recharged almost every day after a moderate use. For unknown reasons, the phones are getting thinner, thus it doesn’t matter how well the OS is being optimized, the new devices don’t last as much longer as we hope. Here are 13 tips that will definitely help you extend your iPhone’s battery life and get at least 2 days of standby without recharging. Don’t kill apps opened in the background.[…]

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iPhone 5s

How to downgrade your iPhone or iPad from iOS Beta releases

How to remove the iOS beta and bring back to the official version Installing a beta software on your smartphone has many advantages, like the early access to all new features and improvements in iOS. However, sometimes the experience with iOS beta software could not be as painless as expected. That’s why some users may decide to roll back to the official release and just wait the official upgrade once it becomes available to the general public. In this tutorial we explain how you could downgrade an iPhone or iPad from iOS beta release. First of all, it’s very important[…]

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How to install public iOS Betas on your iPhone or iPad

You can download new iOS releases before the regular users Ahead of major iOS releases, Apple allows interested parties (regular users and developers) to download the beta software, report bugs and test the new features. All iPhone and iPad users who are eager to try new things before everyone, and those who don’t mind living with some software bugs, can install the latest public iOS beta right now. Here is how to install iOS beta releases: Create a back up using iTunes, so you could downgrade to the official iOS version if you need to. iCloud backups are not working[…]

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