iPhone Flex

Here is how the curved iPhone may look like

Renders show a possible iPhone with a curved display.

Earlier this week, we talked about how Apple may be creating a curved iPhone whose display is curved from top to bottom, not at the side edges like the Galaxy S9+ and other premium models. In fact, LG already created such a device in 2015 – called the LG G Flex. It was an interesting smartphone, but the complexity of the design resulted in a very high price, so the mainstream market rejected it.

LG G Flex
LG G Flex (2015)

A few years later, the technology may be advanced enough to satisfy the consumers and offers a perfect blend between usability and price. Bloomberg’s report from this week says that the iPhone Flex may not be ready in the next two years, but graphic designers show us what such a device may look like. iDrop News has posted several images of the possible curved iPhone with a screen that bends from top to bottom. It has a display cutout at the top, like the iPhone X, and a keypad screen similar to the Nokia 8110 – The Matrix.

Nokia 8110 iPhone curve
Nokia 8110 & iPhone Flex render

Of course, these photos visualize just an imaginary design which could be completely different than the real product when (if) launches sometime in 2020/2021. Such a device could also have the hover gestures the company is reportedly working on. These touchless control gestures would allow users to navigate through menus without touching the screen with a finger.

However, these two technologies are far from market-ready, so we will be focusing on the iPhone X Plus and iPhone 9/8s in 2018.

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