Google assistant

Google announces the Assistant and Gmail Smart Reply for iOS


You can download the Google Assistant app from the App Store.

At the annual I/O conference for developers in California, Google announced many features, and they are not only for Android, but also for iOS. In line with last week’s rumors about bringing the Assistant to the App Store, Google announced the standalone app and you can download it right now from this [link].

Google Assistant arrives in the App Store to help you in many ways. You basically ask a question, and Google Assistant answers, send a message, add a calendar event, and more. Overall, the assistant on iOS looks very close to what Google has on Android, but there are some differences.

Because of API limitations in iOS, the Assistant will not perform all tasks, including some simple ones like setting an alarm. However, new features will be added to Google Assistant, including to the iOS app. Among them will be chatbots and integration with a new tech called Google Lens.

Google also announced that the Smart Reply feature will be coming to GMAIL for iOS. Smart Reply should make replying to emails easier as it will suggest three responses based on the email received. The responses can be edited, or send right away with a single click.

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