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Faster LTE speeds for the 2018 iPhone lineup

New antenna design will boost the transmission speeds in 2018.

Another week, another set of iPhone news about the near future coming from Ming-Chi Kuo. In the latest research note, Kuo said to investors that Apple’s iPhone models for 2018 would offer faster LTE speeds thanks to upgraded antenna modules.

iPhone 2018 will include new liquid crystal polymer (LCP) modules for LTE manufactured by both Intel and Qualcomm. Kuo writes that the iPhones will be equipped with the same modules found in the iPhoneX, but with improvements and support for the 4×4 MIMO standards. The current antenna modules found in other devices supports 2×2 MIMO, so the design improvements would double the data paths between the network and the phone, from 2 to 4, which in turn would boost the LTE speeds.

In another note from last week, Kuo said that Apple might launch three new iPhones in 2018. There might be a giant iPhone X Plus with a 6.5-inch OLED screen, a model similar in size to the current iPhone X, and a 6.1-inch budget iPhone with LCD. According to the analyst, all three new iPhones will have Face ID in favour of Touch ID and a Home Button.

Keep in mind that the information above is one of the many iPhone rumors, although this one is coming from a pretty reliable source.

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