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Face ID accuracy may have been reduced for iPhone X [Updated]

Apple reportedly lowered the requirements for Face ID components.


Apple denies the news about Face ID. Read the article below:

Apple denies rumors about making Face ID less accurate

[Original article]:

We have posted several articles this month covering Apple’s production difficulties with iPhone X ahead of the device launch on November 3. It appears that Apple doesn’t have enough quantities of key components for Face ID – the 3D authentication system that scans your face.

According to a report that has just gone viral, Apple may have quietly lowered the requirements of the face recognition components, which in turn could make the Face ID system less reliable.

Fade ID

Apple advertised its Face ID as a very secure and accurate. The technology relies on a projector that flashes 30k dots to create a 3D image of the face and then decide if this is the owner or not. A rumor has it that the components of Face ID are very difficult to manufacture, and they are very fragile. Around 80% of the dot projectors manufactured by LG, Sharp and Innotek were unusable at some point, said an unnamed source, which forced the suppliers to spend more time testing and increase the time for manufacturing.

In turn, to overcome its production challenges, Apple has obviously reduced the accuracy of Face ID. There is no information on how this change will reflect on the actual performance of Face ID, but hopefully the impact will be insignificant.

Source: Bloomberg

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