Explore the Best iPhone Phones 2020

The Apple iPhone has been around for 13 years and has improved quite a lot. This has seen the company releasing new phones every year which came with many upgrades. This has confused a lot of users as they just did not know which Apple iPhone to buy where you can play online horse racing. What’s even more confusing is the fact that at times, it’s not the most expensive phone that is the best. In this post, we list the best iPhone phones of 2020.

iPhone 11

This phone, just like the Samsung Galaxy S10e, couples the main and the ultrawide lenses. Because of that, most photo needs are served. Of course, the phone doesn’t have an OLED display. However, it still features an LCD screen. This allows it to keep its battery life in top form. Also, the phone comes with up to 4GB RAM. The price is also great. In fact, you can get it for just $699, which is the cheapest that Apple has ever debuted an iPhone for.

iPhone 11 Pro

This advanced iPhone will allow you to play your real money real money online slots because of its performance. The phone is advanced and the price is a bit steep. It comes with a smaller screen, which a lot of people love, and the screen is of very high quality. For an iPhone with 3 cameras, this is the cheapest of the range.

iPhone 11 Pro Max

So far, this is the best, biggest, as well as the fastest phone on the market. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that it’s also the most expensive, coming in at $1,099. This is just the starting price and the price goes up according to the storage. The camera suite is upgraded. It now comes with an ultrawide lens. Additionally, the photo software is upgraded, allowing you to take smother photos. That’s not all. Users will be delighted to find out that the battery has also been improved. If you can afford, we suggest that you buy this bad boy.

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