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How To Edit Scanned Documents With Free iOS App

iPhone is praised for its great camera and perfectly looking pictures. When that camera is empowered with some scanning apps that are available on the market, you can get the perfect mobile scanner. The documents made by combining these two features are with top quality and they are no different than the documents made with a desktop scanner.

Document scanning has a real-life usage, as most business people use now these apps to scan invoices, receipts and contracts. All those scanned documents are actually PDF documents and by their nature, they can’t be edited easily. The scanned PDFs are even more complicated because they are more like pictures than the regular PDFs. If someone is looking to reuse the same contract for different uses, he would need to have a contract template in Word or to be able to convert the existing one into Word document.

PDF to Word Converter is a free iOS app that allows you to convert those scanned PDF files into editable Word documents, without much effort. Because of the OCR feature, this app is the perfect choice for any scanned contract, invoice or any other PDF that you might have. The process of editing scanned document would go like this:

Step 1 – Download PDF to Word Converter from the App Store

Step 2 – Select the file you want to convert

There are several options available to choose the document for conversion, some including iCloud, Dropbox and Google Drive.

Step 3 – Wait for the upload and conversion to finish

The files are converted on conversion servers, saving you from the battery drain or any performance issue on your phone. The OCR technology steps in when working with the scanned documents, by recognizing text characters that in another way would be intangible for the conversion.

Step 4 – You receive Word document that is ready to be edited further

The further editing of the document can be done on your iOS device using Pages or MS Word app. When done with editing, just remember to save the file as PDF again to retain its professional look.

This app is compatible with iOS 9.0 devices or later, and can be used on both iPhone and iPad.

With the increase of scanned documents that are shared every day, you need a reliable tool to help you with reusing and editing these documents. By following these steps you can edit for free almost any regular or scanned PDF on the go.

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