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E-Wallets & iGaming: How To Make Online Deposits On Your iPhone

Gaming on the go has become a huge part of everyday culture, evidenced by the thousands of games apps currently available on the Apple App Store and the fact that many gaming desktop sites are now creating mobile-friendly platforms. These websites that can now be easily accessed through your iPhone browser of choice are particularly intriguing, as they require a lot of reworking and testing before the creators and customers alike can navigate the pages, interact with the site and ultimately have an enjoyable gaming experience.

This is especially true of online casinos and online sportsbooks, as they provide a multitude of services as well as games. One such service is payment methods, as customers must often make deposits and withdrawals from iGaming platforms. This is usually very simple on a desktop platform, but when accessing a site through iPhone it can get a little tricky, especially if the mobile site has not been well crafted.

Today, we thought we’d take a look at how to make online deposits on your iPhone if you’re planning to play on any online casinos or sportsbooks while on the go. After all, you never know when you’ll get the urge to spin a slot or the inkling to place a bet.

No Deposit Necessary

Before we begin outlining specific payment methods, we think it’s important to point on one trick that may save you some time. On many sites, you can often try games for free so while you may not be able to win any large sums of cash you won’t have to go through the effort of setting up a payment method only to find you don’t even enjoy the games provided that much. Alternatively, some sites offer no deposit bonuses that allow you to place bets and play games with free cash or spins. These promotions vary in quality, but you can usually find the better deals by visiting specialised sites such as Oddschecker.

Debit/Credit Card

Excluding alternative currency only sites, every good online iGaming brand allows card as a payment method. Chances are you probably have your debit and/or credit card information stored on your iPhone, so it’s just a matter of transferring that information over to your registration page. Really, it’s very similar to shopping online although some banks may have rules regarding gambling.


A much newer payment method that has popped up on sites over the last few years is e-wallets. Though you may not recognise the term, chances are you’re already using an e-wallet to shop online, most probably PayPal. Neteller and Skrill are particularly popular when it comes to iGaming so you may want to look into them, then simply enter your payment information at the casino and away you go.

Pay By Phone Bill

Finally, we have the most mobile-friendly option of all: pay by phone. This method has been designed specifically with iOS users in mind, and simply enables you to make a deposit instantly then all you have to do is pay the amount when your phone bill arrives. It’s quick, smooth and requires no payment or personal information.

There are a few more options available depending on the casino or sportsbook you wish to visit, but chances are the four above will be the most likely. For now, you can sit back, relax and game to your heart’s content.

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