DxOMark: Galaxy S9+ has the best smartphone camera, iPhone X is third

DxOMark assigns 99 points to the Galaxy S9 Plus.

The camera technology is one of the key areas for improvements used by the biggest manufacturers in order to attract interested and boost sales. With each flagship generation, year by year, Apple, Samsung and Google improve their cameras, and they often change positions in the benchmark comparisons when a new device hit the stores.

This is the case with the Galaxy S9 Plus, just announced by Samsung at the Mobile World Congress 2018. According to DxOMark, a well-trusted site for camera comparisons, the Galaxy S9+ leads the Google Pixel 2 by one point. Apple is close third with the iPhone X. The difference in terms of quality is marginal between the leaders, so it’s up to you which device you will choose.

However, the report mentions that the Samsung performs better in zoom and bokeh, although the dynamic range is a bit limited in a bokeh mode. Samsung also produces the most natural-looking photos, while the Google Pixel 2 and the Apple iPhone X have punchier colors. In terms of texture and details, Samsung lags behind Google, but it’s on par with Apple.

Although it’s a matter of personal preference, the conclusion is that the S9 Plus is the best camera overall, but only for photos. For videos the phone gets 91 points, while the Pixel 2 gets 96. You can read the detailed comparisons at https://www.dxomark.com/.

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