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Downvote button tested internally for Facebook

Downvote button will fight against Off Topic and Fake News.

One of the most requested features from users for Facebook has been the dislike button. Fortunately, after all these years, the dislike button will come to Facebook, but it won’t be the button you may expect to see. Instead of ”Dislike’, it may be called ‘Downvote’, according to a limited number of US users who already have this option as part of a limited testing group.

Downvote for statuses, links and web content will fight against fake news and off topic. If there are many downvotes for a comment, it will hide from the feed, while giving the users additional reporting options. According to Tech Crunch, they will be able to mark the comment as ‘Offensive’, ‘Misleading’ or ‘Off Topic’.

Facebook is trying to return to its root – to be a network for friends, rather than a marketing tool for publishers to reach a wider audience. We will be waiting for changes in the user-friendliness of Facebook later in 2018.

via TechCrunch

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