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Dedicated AI processor to enable advanced features in Apple’s products

Cupertino is working on Apple Neutral Engine.

A report at Bloomberg, citing an unnamed person who seems to be close to Apple, mentions about a secret chip under development called ‘Apple Neutral Engine’. This dedicated processor will not replace the current ARM chips and graphic adapters we have, but it will complement them and enable some advanced AI features like speech and facing recognition, all this without impacting the battery life of the devices.

The report claims that Cupertino will use the new AI chip to add artificial intelligence features to future devices including iPhones.

Among the possible use of the dedicated AI processor could be more intelligent predictive keyboards, facing recognition using the camera, and a lot more. The company may also open up the chip to allow third-party developers make it work with their apps.

This is not the first time we hear about a chip that performs only certain tasks in smartphones. We already have a motion sensor chip in the smartphones to measure distance covered and steps. Similarly to the motion coprocessor, the AI chip is also expected to have a negligible influence on the battery life.

Source: Bloomberg

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