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Crackling noise during phone calls reported by iPhone 8 users [Updated]

Some users have problems with the call quality from iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

It’s not something rare to write about problems with new smartphones on the market, especially if we are talking about the world’s most popular one – the iPhone. Do you remember ‘bendgate’?Apparently, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are not an exception, as after a few days on sale some customers have reported bad audio quality during phone calls.

MacRumors has started a forum discussion about the problem, and we can read that many owners have described similar experience – annoying crackling sounds from the earpiece. The noise can’t be heard while using the speakerphone or headphones, which indicates that the problem is either software-based or related to the earpiece.

Experiencing here. Those hard resets combos don’t work btw. But I did a wipe and restore from icloud. Very annoying sound in earpiece.

Same problem here on an iPhone 8 64GB Silver in Spain.
I’m experiencing the same issue as described in this thread. I just called Apple Support and of course they didn’t know about this problem. After a 50-minute call and speaking with two different people (regular and superior Support Departments), they offered a replacement unit. I suggested them to hold the replacement for one week to see how this evolves since some of you guys (i.e. #200) said the replacement unit experiences the same issue.

Gold iPhone 8 64GB here, bought through Telenor in Sweden.
Also seeing the same issue as outlined here, a audible ticking sound during some phone calls, not too loud but loud enough to irritate. Toggling the speaker phone mode on and then off again sometimes removes the issue, but it’s not consistent.

I’m experiencing this as well on iPhone 8Plus on ATT. Went by my local Apple Store and they told me they didn’t even have replacement stock for the 8/8Plus yet and to just wait another week or return it to my carrier. Hoping to see this fixed via Software.

The problem, according to the customers, also occurs with apps like FaceTime, and both while using WiFi or 4G voice. Hard resetting the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus doesn’t seem to be improving the quality much, while replacement devices have the same problem. Apparently, some iPhone 6 and 7 users have also reported similar issues after the upgrade to iOS11, which points to a software bug.

After all, the number of affected devices is likely to be very low compared with the actual sales of iPhone 8 / 8 Plus. Apple is currently investigating the issues. We will inform you as soon as we learn more. Stay tuned.

[Update]: 9/27/2017

Apple announced that the problem will be fixed in upcoming iOS 11 update. Read the article below:

Apple working to fix the crackling noise during phone calls with iPhone 8

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