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China becomes the largest source of App Store revenue

Chinese iOS app revenues are more than US revenues.

China has topped the United States in the App Store revenue ranking for the third quarter of 2016, according to App Annie. While the US App store revenue has also reached new heights in the quarter, the growth in China was much higher, boosted by popular games such as PokemonGo. China now accounts for around $1.7billion app revenue, while the U.S. is second with 15% less, according to App Annie.

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The popularity of the mobile games in China has resulted in this unprecedented revenue in the third-quarter. Other important app categories impacting the App Store revenue are Entertainment and Social networks, which have all ballooned three times compared with a year ago. China’s growth is expected to continue in the next few years despite the fierce competition Apple is facing in the market. While local phone manufacturers have attractive new phones to offer in China, Apple wins with its app monetization and quality localized content for the specific market. Japan remains the third country by quarterly store revenue with around $1.2 billion.

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