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Battery and RAM specs for the iPhone X officially confirmed

iPhone X comes with 2,716mAh and 3GB RAM.

While Apple usually remains quiet about some important specs of its new devices, information about RAM and battery always leak from certification authorities before the launch of the new models.

It’s official that the iPhone X will be coming to the market in early November, and we can now confirm that Apple’s most premium iPhone ever will have a 2,716 mAh battery. According to Tenaa in China, the iPhone X’s battery will be larger than the battery in iPhone 8 Plus, which is interesting considering that the X model is actually smaller in size despite its bigger screen. While the iPhone 8 Plus relies on 2,691mAh, the iPhone X will come with a 2,691mAh cell.

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This would be the second biggest battery ever after the 2900mAh in the 7 Plus. It remains to be seen how the X model compares against the other two new devices in terms of battery life in actual use. Apple only claims that X lasts longer than the iPhone 7.

TENAA also confirmed the RAM specs of the iPhone X. The device will feature 3GB of RAM – the same as the iPhone 8 Plus, while the 4.7-inch iPhone 8 has only 2GB.

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