Cardiogram app for iOS

Apple Watch is 97% accurate in measuring heart rate

Heart Rhythm measuring by Apple Watch could be helpful to detect health problems. The wearable health and fitness market keeps gaining traction, as gadgets like the Apple Watch are becoming more and more popular among the users. Some of them even come with built-in heart rate sensors, so they could be used to detect early health problems. A new research, conducted by the Cardiogram app for iOS, finds that Apple Watch is pretty accurate in detecting abnormal hearth rhythm. Millions of heart rate measurements have been collected and analyzed for the purposes of the research, directly coming from the Cardiogram[…]

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SwiftKey keyboard predictive

SwiftKey predictive keyboard gets new features in latest update

Microsoft rolls out an update to its SwiftKey keyboard for iOS and Android. SwiftKey version 7.0 is now available for iOS and Android devices in their respective Stores, offering new enhancements like a Toolbar. The update for SwiftKey introduces an expandable menu at the top of the keyboard for a quick access to the most important features. The Toolbar can now be expanded by tapping on the + icon at the left side, allowing you to copy texts into the clipboard, or access emoji characters. If you tap on the Emoji icon, you will see sample emoji based on the[…]

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apple music

Apple Music now has 38 million subscribers

Spotify is still a distant leader with 71 million paying users. Apple’s music streaming service has increased its user base by 2 million for a single month. In February 2018, Apple Music had 36 million subscribers, while this month in March, the users reached 38 million. Wall Street Journal has confirmed that Apple Music is growing rapidly over the past three years, but Spotify is still the king. Swedish-based streaming app, Spotify, has the huge number of 159 million users, but only 71 million of them are using the premium version without ads and unlimited streaming. Spotify is one of[…]

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Soundgine Review 2018

Soundgine is a no hype, no nonsense, and a no compromise beat selling platform. In short, it’s the best decision in any producers game plan to sell beats online. It’s not an easy feat and there is plenty of competition with its legions of followers. What’s special about Soundgine is it’s sense of design, purpose and achieve selling beats effectively a priority. Not only is Hydra (beat store) a thing of beauty, but has a toolset that promotes sales including its popular subscription mode where beatmakers can make recurring sales along with one-off beat sales. It’s mobile player looks gorgeous[…]

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Halide camera app

Halide camera app gets new effects and a portrait mode

New features introduced to Halide for iOS Halide, a popular camera app for iPhone users, has just received an update with many new features. Halide 1.7.1 is faster than before, offering some handy new features and improvements for photo enthusiasts. The app now has special effects for portrait photos thanks to smart facial detection, allowing you to create nice-looking photos with blur that resembles of images from dedicated photo cameras with large sensors. The new Portrait mode works in conjunction with a feature called ‘Depth peaking’ which shows you a depth map view while taking a photo with blur effects.[…]

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google maps

Learn 10 iPhone Navigation Apps

There are numerous navigation apps for iPhone and these tips aim to find the best for you. 1) Garmin USA: There were a number of shortcomings in the first iPhone app that Garmin did, although the App Store no longer has that offering. The current Garmin USA sees improvement in quite a few different areas, however. Things it now includes are features like speed limit alerts, lane assist features, 3D landmarks, voice-prompted turn-by-turn directions, and offline maps. You can make your own custom routes involving more than one stop. Also, you can utilize Garmin Speak with your Alexa to request[…]

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A Guide To The Different Health Care Apps

During the first half of 2017, the issue of healthcare has filled newspapers across the country. Ranging from affordability to accessibility and quality of care, the majority of people wonder what the future holds for the US healthcare industry. While the future of the healthcare industry may be uncertain, there are certain technological advances in the healthcare sector made to ‘shake up’ the industry. Specifically, there has been a growth in healthcare apps – most released in this year – that have altered the way medical professionals interact with their patients. What Are The Five Healthcare Apps Being Used In[…]

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facebook logo

Downvote button tested internally for Facebook

Downvote button will fight against Off Topic and Fake News. One of the most requested features from users for Facebook has been the dislike button. Fortunately, after all these years, the dislike button will come to Facebook, but it won’t be the button you may expect to see. Instead of ”Dislike’, it may be called ‘Downvote’, according to a limited number of US users who already have this option as part of a limited testing group. Downvote for statuses, links and web content will fight against fake news and off topic. If there are many downvotes for a comment, it[…]

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PDF to Word Converter from the App Store

How To Edit Scanned Documents With Free iOS App

iPhone is praised for its great camera and perfectly looking pictures. When that camera is empowered with some scanning apps that are available on the market, you can get the perfect mobile scanner. The documents made by combining these two features are with top quality and they are no different than the documents made with a desktop scanner. Document scanning has a real-life usage, as most business people use now these apps to scan invoices, receipts and contracts. All those scanned documents are actually PDF documents and by their nature, they can’t be edited easily. The scanned PDFs are even[…]

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Instagram Live video direct

Instagram brings Live Videos to Direct messages

New update for Instagram introduces Live Video support in Direct. Instagram announced in a blog post version 26 of the app for iOS and Android. Instagram v.26 brings support for live videos in Direct. You will be able to start a live video, and then send it to a friend, or a group of friends. Everyone watching this Live Video will be able to share it with their friends. The new option could be disabled in the Settings, if you don’t want to send live videos to friends. Sharing a video you watch is also easy. Just tap the Direct[…]

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