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App Lifecycle – Phases of iOS Application Development

It is no longer an arduous task to create a mobile app. Thousands of apps are uploaded on both the Android and IOS app stores regularly but to create an app that renders successful results requires extensive research, planning and collaboration between the developer and the client. The advantage of having a mobile app is not only to extend business propositions but it also offers several benefits such as brand marketing, generating sales and improves user retention rate across the globe. With the advent of mobile app technology, most of our tangible commitments and obligations have become simpler. Connecting to[…]

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Dots Blob – addictive puzzle game for iOS

Dots Blob is one of those addictive mobile games that will definitely help you chill out. Thanks to its simple but elegant design, Dots Blob can be a blissful escape after a busy day, promoting entertainment and fun while still offering many challenges during the game. It’s a free puzzle game for both iOS and Android in which you have to connect dots with the same color using your finger in a minimum number of moves. Press and hold on the screen, then move your finger vertically, horizontally or diagonally to create a line. Each line includes at least three[…]

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sleep cycle

10 Best Sleep Apps For Insomniacs

There are loads of apps out there to help you sleep, but which are the best? We take a look at the top ones for those who find it hard to get shut eye. Twilight app No, not the wearisome saga of teenage biting and romance that lulled us into a coma in the early 2000s, although a few minutes or pages of this literary fiasco will also put you to sleep fast-Twilight the Android App helps you get ready for a slower sleepy pace by dimming the lights on the device you are using. It is a well-known fact[…]

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Snapchat introduces live AR lenses for iPhone X.

Snapchat now takes advantage of iPhone X’s TrueDepth sensors

Snapchat introduces live AR lenses for iPhone X. After demonstrating how the new AR lenses would work on the iPhone X last year, Snapchat has now updated its app to take advantage of the TrueDepth camera sensors. Launching the Snapchat app on the iPhone X would allow you to apply different AR masks which track and adapt to the movements of the face more accurately than ever. By using the advanced mapping technology of the TrueDepth module, Snapchat hopes to attract more users who have the flagship iPhone. Apple said that more third-party apps would support AR features soon, as[…]

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Google Play Store is almost twice the size of the App Store

iOS apps decreased, while Google Play Store ballooned in 2017 Quantity doesn’t mean quality, but the sheer numbers of available apps on Android and iOS at the end of 2017 reveals an interesting picture. Google Play expanded massively, reaching 3.6 million apps in 2017, thanks to the 1.5 million new releases. At the same time, Apple’s Play Store decreased 5% from 2.2 million available apps to 2.1 million. 750,000 new apps were published in the App Store, but multiple factors lead to the decrease in the total number. Apple introduced in 2017 a new policy for publishing apps, and required[…]

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Microsoft Edge

Microsoft updates its Edge browser with support for iPad and Android tablets

The default Windows 10 browser is now available for iPad users. Microsoft officially released its Edge browser for iPhone in November last year with the promise that support for iPad would be added soon. The good news is that Edge is finally available for iPad devices, as well as Android tablets. An update for Microsoft Edge adds support for tablets, and you can grab the app from the App Store for free. From the blog post, Pad and Android tablet owners – we’ve got some great news for you! Microsoft Edge is now available as a free download in the Apple[…]

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Cardiogram app for iOS

Apple Watch is 97% accurate in measuring heart rate

Heart Rhythm measuring by Apple Watch could be helpful to detect health problems. The wearable health and fitness market keeps gaining traction, as gadgets like the Apple Watch are becoming more and more popular among the users. Some of them even come with built-in heart rate sensors, so they could be used to detect early health problems. A new research, conducted by the Cardiogram app for iOS, finds that Apple Watch is pretty accurate in detecting abnormal hearth rhythm. Millions of heart rate measurements have been collected and analyzed for the purposes of the research, directly coming from the Cardiogram[…]

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SwiftKey keyboard predictive

SwiftKey predictive keyboard gets new features in latest update

Microsoft rolls out an update to its SwiftKey keyboard for iOS and Android. SwiftKey version 7.0 is now available for iOS and Android devices in their respective Stores, offering new enhancements like a Toolbar. The update for SwiftKey introduces an expandable menu at the top of the keyboard for a quick access to the most important features. The Toolbar can now be expanded by tapping on the + icon at the left side, allowing you to copy texts into the clipboard, or access emoji characters. If you tap on the Emoji icon, you will see sample emoji based on the[…]

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apple music

Apple Music now has 38 million subscribers

Spotify is still a distant leader with 71 million paying users. Apple’s music streaming service has increased its user base by 2 million for a single month. In February 2018, Apple Music had 36 million subscribers, while this month in March, the users reached 38 million. Wall Street Journal has confirmed that Apple Music is growing rapidly over the past three years, but Spotify is still the king. Swedish-based streaming app, Spotify, has the huge number of 159 million users, but only 71 million of them are using the premium version without ads and unlimited streaming. Spotify is one of[…]

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Soundgine Review 2018

Soundgine is a no hype, no nonsense, and a no compromise beat selling platform. In short, it’s the best decision in any producers game plan to sell beats online. It’s not an easy feat and there is plenty of competition with its legions of followers. What’s special about Soundgine is it’s sense of design, purpose and achieve selling beats effectively a priority. Not only is Hydra (beat store) a thing of beauty, but has a toolset that promotes sales including its popular subscription mode where beatmakers can make recurring sales along with one-off beat sales. It’s mobile player looks gorgeous[…]

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