Google assistant

Google announces the Assistant and Gmail Smart Reply for iOS

  You can download the Google Assistant app from the App Store. At the annual I/O conference for developers in California, Google announced many features, and they are not only for Android, but also for iOS. In line with last week’s rumors about bringing the Assistant to the App Store, Google announced the standalone app and you can download it right now from this [link]. Google Assistant arrives in the App Store to help you in many ways. You basically ask a question, and Google Assistant answers, send a message, add a calendar event, and more. Overall, the assistant on[…]

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Google Assistant

Google could be releasing its Assistant to iOS

Google to release the digital assistant in the App Store. Google Assistant is a key feature of Android version 7.0 Nougat. The new virtual voice assistant app by Google is a major improvement over the previous Google Now, as it gives far more useful, conversational-like answers. The Assistant is superior to the current Siri service, that’s why is not surprising if Google wants to attract more users and targets the second most popular mobile OS. According to several sources familiar with Google, the software giant is working on an iOS version of the Assistant and we may see the standalone[…]

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YouTube introduces live video streaming to iOS app

Google lets users with over 10,000 subscribers to go live. YouTube has launched a new feature for iPhone and iPad, allowing you to stream live video via the iOS app. The service is initially available only to those users with 10,000 or more subscribers, but once the live streaming goes out of beta, it will be available for everyone on iOS. Similar video streaming options have already been introduced to apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. To go live using YouTube app on iOS, you need to open the app and tap on the camera button. You will see two[…]

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Viber Logo

Viber introduces disappearing messages, rich notifications and more

Viber updated with new features for iOS. A new update has been released to the messaging app Viber. The new version of Viber for iOS now supports rich notifications on iOS 10, allowing users to see the content of the messages on the notification screen. But the most interesting feature is called ‘Secret Messages’. All Viber users could specify how long a message (including a photo or video) will be visible after being viewed. The user could select 1, 3, 7 or 10 seconds, after which the message will disappear from the device. Viber on iOS now also supports sending[…]

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Super Mario

Super Mario Run arrives for iPhone and iPad

To unlock all 24 courses you need to pay $10. The popular game ‘Super Mario’ is now available in the App Store as a free download, but to unlock all courses you have to pay $10 in-app purchase. Nintendo has finally released their super-popular game for mobile devices, and iOS is the first platform to have the game in the catalog. The game is available for all countries, which means the possible audience for Super Mario on iOS is much larger than than Pokemon Go at launch. In fact, some analysts believe that Nintendo could not only reach the same[…]

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App Removed

Thousands of outdated apps have been removed from the App Store

Apple removed 47,300 apps in October only. Apple notified developers in September that apps not compatible with the guidelines would be removed from the Store. Now we learn that Apple removed 47,300 in the last month, which is a 238% increase of apps removed from the App Store compared with previous months in 2016. For comparison, in September Apple ditched only around 13,000 apps. Apps from different categories have been removed. From the total number of 47,300 apps, the games were 28 percent, while 9% fall into the Entertainment category. 7 percent of the removed apps were in the Education[…]

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Google Play Music app for iOS

Google Play Music revamped for iOS

New features coming to the Google Play Music app. Google has published a new version of their music streaming app in the App Store. Google Play Music comes with a redesigned interface, new features and a more personal music experience. According to Google, the new app is smarter and easier to use. It now offers more personal suggestions based on the user’s interests, but also on location, activity and time of the day. Google Play Music for iPhone and iPad now features a new Home Screen that suggests a playlist based on the above mentioned factors. From the press-release: To[…]

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Instagram update

Instagram update introduces animated GIF stories called ‘Boomerang’

The updated Instagram app also includes user mentions and ‘see more’ tag. Facebook is introducing new features to its Instagram app for iOS, Android and Windows 10 PC and Mobile. After the update to version 9.7, you will be able to take a burst of photos and create a looping animated GIF for quick sharing to Instagram and posting them on Facebook. Boomerang is a feature built-in Stores you can access by swiping from the main screen to the right. Then you will see not just a standard camera interface for photos (tap) & videos (long press), but also a[…]

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PayPal Siri

PayPal for iOS now supports Siri voice commands

Use Siri to send money in 30 languages. Apple’s opening to third party developers wanting to integrate Siri in their apps is starting to pay off. PayPal, a popular online payment system, has today announced on its official blog that their updated app for iOS allows iPhone and iPad users to send and request money on the go using voice commands. PayPal initially supports Siri voice commands in 30 languages in the following countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, United Kingdom, USA, and UAE.[…]

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Facebook Live photo and video art filters

Art photo and video filters coming to Facebook for iOS

Facebook to add Prisma-like filters to its iOS app. The Social network reveals its plans to update the iOS application, and include tools to create art photos and videos in a way similar to the popular photo-editing app Prisma, but with real time processing. The upcoming update will run ‘entirely on the user’s iPhone’ which means the Art filters won’t be dependent on servers and the Internet. Schroepfer, Facebook’s chief technology officer, describes how difficult is to add AI-based features running in real time on mobile devices. But thanks to the recent boost in mobile processing power, Facebook’s deep learning[…]

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