Apple working on an Augmented Reality headset running ‘rOS’

Apple Glasses may run software based on iOS

The Augmented Reality opens up new possibilities for developers and device makers, as this new market niche is expected to balloon over coming years. Companies like Samsung, HTC and Microsoft already launched their AR/VR headsets with integrated displays and processors, but they have yet to become popular because of its prototype-like design, limited availability, extremely high price, or/and lack of many apps/games.

But Apple is also exploring this potentially huge market, according to a report coming from Bloomberg. The company is designing a new AR headset that may be ready to hit the market by 2020. The report claims that this augmented-reality headset runs a custom version of iOS for AR devices – codenamed ‘rOS‘.

Microsoft HoloLens
Microsoft HoloLens

According to the report, it will support voice controls, touch and gestures, but the design is not clear yet. However, we learn that it will be something completely independent from other hardware like Microsoft’s HoloLens, rather than a simple VR headset that uses an iPhone screen.

Apple is already showing big ambitions in the AR sector. iOS 11 comes with ARKit – developer tools for building AR apps. Even more features will be coming to iOS in the next major update in 2018.

This report is based on an article from Bloomberg.

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