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Apple Store app updated with new purchasing options and card scanner

Apple Store app updated to version 4.4.

Apple has just rolled out an update to the Apple Store app for iOS. Version 4.4 improves the performance on iOS 11, but also adds some new features for everyone.

The Apple Store app now has a built-in scanner, so you can add a debit/credit card more easily at checkout. You don’t need to manually type the card number in the field anymore thanks to the app’s scanning feature. Additionally, the app doesn’t require a pre-authorization for full-price purchases of iPhone on one of the US carriers. Instead, the user could activate later. Both improvements make the whole shopping experience much easier and better overall.

Here is the changelog for Apple Store version 4.4:

  • iOS 11 enhancements
  • Scanner now available to easily add your credit card information at checkout
  • Customers now have the option to bypass pre-authorization and activate later on full price purchases of iPhones on AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint

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