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Apple still takes the lion’ share of smartphone profits

12.1% of the shipments account for 103.6% of industry operating profits.

While Android is an absolute dominant in the smartphone market, reaching a record high of 87.5% in Q3’2016, Apple still take’s the lion’s share of industry profits, according to a new study by Business Daily.

Apple iPhone accounts for 103.6 percent of industry’s operating profit, jumping from 94% a year ago. So, despite the fact that Apple sells fewer devices than a year ago (a decline from 14.5 to 12.1 percent), Cupertino is one of the few companies which are not in the red. For comparison, big vendors like LG and HTC are losing money from each smartphone sold, while Samsung’s claimed only 0.9% of industry’s profits in the last quarter.

Samsung’s leading position on the market could soon be endangered, not by Apple, but by ever-expanding Chinese brands like Oppo. Right now, Apple appears to have a solid ground in key markets and despite the shrinking sales, iPhone’s near future looks bright. Next year, Apple will announce a significant hardware refresh of the iPhone, to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

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