Apple investors want new parental control features in iOS

Limiting the phone use could be added in future iOS update.

We know that smartphones and other gadgets can have a negative physolocial effect on kids, especially if they are used more than 5 hours a day. Apple investors having $2 billion in shares are now demanding more parental control features in iOS. In a new letter, the investors ask Apple to improve the parental control features in iOS. The open letter cites different studies and results, like how the kids are negatively distracted by digital technologies, and how spending more than 3 hours a day on a smartphone can increase the risk of suicide.

Here are some of the proposed new features for iPhone and iPad:

  • the ability to limit the phone use and screen-on time
  • limit the social media apps at night
  • disable apps and features
  • remote monitoring

iOS has some parental control features in the current version, like the option to turn on/off Siri, set a minimum age for app downloads, filter website, and more.

However, the investors think that Apple should be more responsible for the young generation, and future parental control improvements in iOS won’t have a negative impact on the sales, but will only lead to trust.

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