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The 6 best Health & Fitness apps for iOS

Let these six fitness apps motivate you and track your progress

It doesn’t matter if you want to track distance, lose weight, exercise or just start a healthy lifestyle, iOS so many cool apps for your needs. Using an iPhone or iPad, you can achieve more and motivate yourself by sharing progress with friends and find tips about a healthy living. Here’s our list with the 6 Health & Fitness best iPhone apps for your smartphone:

  1. Argus (free)


Argus is a free calorie counter, activity tracker and pedometer for your iPhone. The app is used by millions of people around the world who get an advanced sleep tracker and a heart rate monitor, GPS tracker for multiply activities like running, walking, cycling and more. Argus for iOS also counts calories and includes a very comprehensive food-database. Manually find the product, or just use the built-in scanner to log the food using the bar-code. In addition to everything mentioned above, Argus allows you to watch exercises, create a personal weight loss plan, challenge friends, and much more.

  1. Runkeeper (free)


Runkeeper relies on GPS to track your route, speed, and distance run. The app is free and it’s among the most popular apps in the AppStore. Runkeeper calculates running pace, calorie burn, speed, distance, and it supports a large number of activities. Users can follow training plans or create their own plans, set goals, create a training calendar, listen to music on Spotify, share activities and achievements, and more.

  1. Pocket Yoga ($3)

pocket yoga

Practice yoga at home and follow detailed instructions with voice and video. Pocket Yoga is an app that features many yoga poses – all with illustrations and detailed guides on how to benefit from each pose. The app includes a dictionary that explains each exercise, and it allows you to track progress and unlock new environments as you more forward.

                4. Fitness Builder (free +)

fitness builder

A personal, portable fitness trainer that gives you an access to more than 400 workouts and fitness plans for free. By upgrading to the Plus version, you can access around 1100 workouts and create your own plans by using the app’s illustrations and videos. After you start a plan, the app tracks your progress and keeps you motivated.

  1. Livesum (free +)


Livesum helps you make your life healthier by building habits to drink water, eat healthy food, giving advise and offering a selection of diets. Livesum tracks water, meal and exercises using the pedometer. The paying members can also sync the app with fitness wearables.

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