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10 Best Sleep Apps For Insomniacs

There are loads of apps out there to help you sleep, but which are the best? We take a look at the top ones for those who find it hard to get shut eye.

Twilight app

No, not the wearisome saga of teenage biting and romance that lulled us into a coma in the early 2000s, although a few minutes or pages of this literary fiasco will also put you to sleep fast-Twilight the Android App helps you get ready for a slower sleepy pace by dimming the lights on the device you are using.

It is a well-known fact that the bluish tone emitted by the common LCD display can have a serious effect on the sleep cycles. Part of the body’s sleep cycle work on the production of the body’s sleep drug that only kicks into production with the setting sun, as it has since people were young on the planet. Twilight works with this concept and begins lowering the lights when you are getting ready to nod off. The app is not available on iOS.

Sleep Cycle

The highly recommended Sleep Cycle is so clever it’s a wonder of the modern age. It works with an intelligent clock that examines your sleep cycles and wakes you once you have reached the lightest sleep phase to cut out all that lying around in your Costco mattresses or similar. This is the best way to wake up perfectly rested, according to many well-rested users internationally.


Rather than just the “Red Pill” or the “Blue Pill”, the Digipill is more like a pill box that perfectly suits the best audio medication to your specific needs. The app doctor will factor in your needs to prescribe for you a treatment for improving sleep, improving your mind and subsequently improving every aspect of your life. Sounds unbelievable you say, but the science behind this innovation has been thoroughly documented. The specialized combinations of psychoacoustics and NLP provided contribute to the unlocking subconscious and alterations of mood, perception and behaviors. Furthermore, they can be used at anytime and anyplace.

Sleep Well Hypnosis

This is not nearly as grave as the name implies, at least we sure hope not. Sleep Well Hypnosis does not feature the double spiral which twists the mind into believing it is perfectly at peace while engaging in nefarious activities. The objective here is to distract the mind from the many pressing concerns and stress that can weigh heavily in the mind and prevent the body from getting any sleep. The goal is to train the mind through special audio stimulation. This has been found effective in reducing adrenaline levels and inducing a comfortable sleep.

Sleep Genius

An app so effective it will single handedly wipe the world clean of insomniacs leaving only corpses in its wake, slumbering LIKE corpses that is. That was the idea that the designers of the Sleep Genius App had in mind when the assembled this impressive mobile creation. The app produces neurosensory algorithms that help guide the mind and body along the path of its sleep process through the various sleep cycles. This allows for higher quality sleep and feeling of being refreshed and replenished in the morning. Furthermore, the technology behind this app was applied to helping off planet travelers to get to sleep when they are trying to get shut eye at such a distance from the planet.

Rain Rain Sleep Sounds

Guess what you can expect from an App called Rain Rain Sleep Sounds? This app has a brilliant selection of the most soothing and relaxing sounds of rain falling outside, even if there isn’t any rain. There are 24 tracks that include rain falling rain a number of environments and different surface types. This app has over 2 Million downloads to the day.

Sleep Better

If your sleeping has only gotten worse since your new job or promotion, you need to Sleep better with Sleep Better. Simply place this phone near your head while you sleep, maybe even in the pillow and the app will analyze your sleep habits during the night. This will allow it to measure how many times you wake up, when you sleep deeply, and how long you sleep. The final goal is to help you carefully define your sleep habits and according to the statistics it seems to offer an impressive performance.

Sleep Time+

Sleep Time+ will cost you a mere £1.49, and also works to track your sleep cycles while you sleep. This will be done to allow you some insight on how to maximize the quality of your sleep. To support this cause, you will find a fine selection of features like white noise and alarms that can allow you to get up on time and get to sleep faster at night. IT has been well-studied fact that regular sleep and waking schedules are the best at improving the quality of sleep.

Sleep Talk Recorder

Funny or Frightening, here is the app we have all been waiting for since that night at camp when a fellow bunkmate began a carefully worded oration in their sleep. If you are such a person, you really need to know what you are saying. It could be the cure for cancer, it could be the greatest joke this world has known and this app will detect your nightly mutterings for your recordings. Then there is a fun feature that allows you to share your discourse with the world, perhaps someone else understands what you said.

Relax Melodies

Finally, something for the simple purpose of relaxing. This app has a fine selection of soothing sounds that are dedicated to lulling you into a deep sleep. No matter what you prefer to fill the air when you will be dozing off, you will find it here. Relax Melodies also features customizable mixes allowing you to pick the best fall asleep music for your nightly routine.

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