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A Beginner’s Guide To Speeding Up Your iPad And Improving Its Performance

In the technological world, there is a procedure known as ‘overclocking’ and it is used to literally make a PC computer operate more quickly. Unfortunately, there is nothing similar to this procedure to increase the speed of an Apple iPad. So, if you own an iPad 2, iPad 3, or an iPad Mini, you may have experienced slow run times without an idea of how to fix the problem. While it is not possible to ‘overclock’ an iPad, it is possible to ensure it is operating at optimal efficiency and use some tricks to speed the operation up. This article[…]

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Apple releases an emergency fix for iOS messaging bug

iOS 11.2.6 update rolling out to everyone to fix the Telugu character bug. Yesterday, we informed you about the bug that crashes the messaging app, or the entire device running iOS 11. Apple was expected to fix it with the 11.3 update later this month, but the company is now rolling out an emergency fix with build 11.2.6. It’s available from the Settings → General → Software Update, for anyone on iPhone or iPad running iOS 11. The inability to render a specific Indian (Telugu) character could freeze your mobile device or even a Mac computer. However, Apple is now[…]

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Bug in iOS 11 may crash your iPhone with a simple text message

Apple will fix the bug in the upcoming iOS 11.3 update. Crashes, freezes and other issues will appear as soon as someone sends you a simple text message containing a specific Indian character. This bug has been found in the current official versions of iOS – 11.2.5, and macOS – 10.13.3. A specific letter in Telugu sent via the built-in messaging app, or some third-party chat clients like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, will definitely crash your iPhone, unless you are running the older iOS 10 or the recent public beta of iOS 11.3. This means, the issue currently affects a[…]

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Downvote button tested internally for Facebook

Downvote button will fight against Off Topic and Fake News. One of the most requested features from users for Facebook has been the dislike button. Fortunately, after all these years, the dislike button will come to Facebook, but it won’t be the button you may expect to see. Instead of ”Dislike’, it may be called ‘Downvote’, according to a limited number of US users who already have this option as part of a limited testing group. Downvote for statuses, links and web content will fight against fake news and off topic. If there are many downvotes for a comment, it[…]

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Cell phones are now more than a luxury; they are now a basic necessity. The latest devices offer more than just communication. They provide a whole host of services including playing real money online casino games. But how do these devices communicate with each other and even the Australian online gambling to provide the services that they do? Cellphones are described as full duplex devices. This means that people can use one frequency for talking in one moment, a separate frequency for talking the next moment and a separate frequency for listening. That is why two people on a call[…]

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iPad shipments on the rise in 2017

The overall tablet market declined 6.5 percent, but iPads grew. Apple had a positive year in the tablet market (slate + detachable), according to a new report by ICD Worldwide Tracker. The company sold 43.8 million iPads in 2017, an increase of 1.2 million or 3% compared with 2016. Apple is a distant leader in this market, with a 26.8% share in 2017, while Samsung, the second-biggest manufacturer, has only 15.2 percent. Other significant players in 2017 were Amazon, Huawei and Lenovo. Amazon and Huawei had the most impressive growth, 38% and 28%, respectively. Samsung shipped 24.9 million, Amazon 16.7[…]

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Screen wake up delays for incoming calls reported by iPhone X users

Apple is investigating a bug preventing the screen from turning on. A report by FinancialTimes informs us about a software or hardware issue with the new iPhone X. The company has acknowledged the issue which happens with incoming calls. The delay up to 10 seconds in turning the screen prevents users from accepting or declining a call, while they can still hear the phone ringing. The issue has not been fixed in the latest iOS update – version 11.2.5. We don’t know if this issue is a device-specific one, or users with older phones also experience it. Additionally, some iPhone[…]

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Apple with record revenues despite fewer iPhones sold

Shipments declined 1%, but the iPhone revenue increased 13%. Apple posted its financial report covering the Holiday quarter of 2017. The company has reported a 13% increase in the total revenues in comparison to the same quarter in 2016, which is a new record for Apple. The quarter revenues were $88.3 billion, and this is thanks to the international market. In China, for example, the revenues are up 11%, while the non-US sales accounted for 65% of the revenues. iPhone revenues also increased by 13% on a yearly basis, despite the fact that Apple sold fewer iPhones in the quarter.[…]

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iPhone with an impressive growth in China for a 28.6% market share in Q4

Apple is gaining more ground in China as iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus sales surge. iPhone’s market share is growing in half of the markets monitored by Kantar Worldpanel, but decreasing in the others. While the difference is not so significant, varying between -2.4 and +2.5 percent in most of the countries, China is a completely different story. Apple has rapidly increased its presence in the country for 3 years. In Q4 2016, Apple had a 18.5% sales share in China, but in 2017 during the same period (October – December), the iPhones accounted for 28.6 percent of the[…]

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Smartphone market share data for Q4 2017 is a mixed bag for Apple

iPhone X was among the top 3 best-selling models in December. Apple’s iPhone X had good sales in December in all major markets (US, Europe, Japan, China), but the overall sales of smartphones for the whole fourth quarter is a mixed bag for Apple. Kantar Worldpanel has published its new report covering the phone sales in all major markets for Q4 2017. iOS market share grew in Germany, Spain, China, Australia and Japan. While the growth in Europe was relatively small (0.5-2.5%) compared to the same period in 2016, China had an impressive growth of 10.1 percent for a year.[…]

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