McLaren 1998 formula1

Formula 1 2017 will be released on August 25 for Mac and PC

The game to be launched on the same date for Windows and Mac. Codemasters have announced that their new Formula One game will be released on August 25. The game will launch for both Mac and Windows on the same day, priced at $60 from the Feral and Steam stores. Later, it will be available via the App Store, for the price of $50. F1 2017 will definitely attract all fans of the popular racing sport. Watch the epic 0.55 min video below: Formula 1 2017 will allow you to race with all cars from the current season, but also[…]

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Gaming in Your iPhone Browser: An Alternative to Apps

There’s one bone of contention with the iPhone that even the most devoted fans tend to agree with – and that’s the measly amount of storage included with cheaper models. Combine this with the fact it costs a significant amount to upgrade to more storage, and we end up with plenty of iPhone users putting up with “not enough storage” errors and constantly juggling their apps and data. When the iPhone 7 came out in 2017, Apple finally waved goodbye to the particularly stingy 16GB model across the iPhone range. However, the base 32GB model can soon fill up for many[…]

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iPhone X McDonald's

Not anyone else but McDonald’s reveals the iPhone 8

iPhone 8 renders seen in new McDonald’s ad. In attempts to attract more interest in their products, McDonald’s latest ad shows an unofficial render of the iPhone 8. This happens in Australia, where the junk food chain promotes its mobile app, allowing users to order food from their iPhones. In the ad, the company shows a photo of a device that supposed to be the upcoming iPhone 8. It has minimal bezels at the top, with a ‘notch’ to accommodate the camera, earpiece and the facial recognition sensors. Also visible are the status bar, the volume keys and the power[…]

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files app ipad

How to tag files in iOS 11 Files app

Organize files by adding tags. iOS 11 comes with the brand new Files app, allowing you to manage your files across the iPad or iCloud storage. But you want to organize your files without moving them to different folders or renaming them, there is another option in Files. You can simply add tags to your files. For example, if you want to group all your pictures of sunsets, you can just create a Sunset tag. Removing the tag won’t affect or delete the files, it just removes the grouping. The good thing is that all tags in iOS 11 Files[…]

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emergency sos

How to disable Touch ID in iOS 11

iOS 11 allows you to temporarily disable touch ID. A new feature in iOS 11, called Emergency SOS, has as a main role to give you a quick access to emergency services such as 911. But you can also use the feature to temporarily disable Touch ID. First, you need to bring up the Emergency SOS: Press the sleep button on your iPhone five times successively. You will see a screen in which you can make an emergency call (SOS) or bring up the Medical ID. Tap the Cancel button at the bottom of the screen. Your Touch ID has[…]

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Apple iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7 is the top-selling smartphone in the world

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus dominate the market. iPhone and Galaxy are the two most popular phone brands in the world in the second quarter of 2017. According to a new market research published by Strategy Analytics, Apple has sold 16.9 million iPhone 7 and 15.1 million iPhone 7 Plus units in Q2 2017.At the same time, Samsung sold 10.2 million Galaxy S8 and 9 million S8+ in the same quarter. Strategy Analytics estimates that the fifth most popular model is the Xiaomi Redmi 4A, with 5.5 million units. Overall, the market has increased 5.5% compared with the same quarter[…]

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MacBook 12

Increased MacBook sales in the second quarter of 2017

Apple is again on the fast track with MacBook. The market research company called TrendForce has published its regular report about the global notebook shipments for the second quarter of 2017. According to the data, Apple remains number 5 in the rank, but Cupertino managed to increase its market share on a quarter-to-quarter basis with 1%. Apple sold 17.1% more MacBooks in Q2 2017 in comparison to Q1 2017. The total shipments of MacBook are 3.98 million, according to Trend Force. Apple refreshed the MacBook line in June 2017, less than a year before the last hardware upgrade, launching new[…]

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Intel reveals details on Ice Lake Core chips made on a 10nm+ architecture

Intel Ice Lake chips will be released in late 2018. Intel is preparing the launch of its 7th generation of Desktop processors, the Coffee Lake, based on the 14nm++ architecture, but the company has already shared interesting details on the 8-th generation – Ice Lake. While the current Kaby Lake are built on the 14nm+ architecture, which is the second generation, and the upcoming Coffee Lake are made on the third-generation or 14nm++, the processors expected in late 2018 or early 2019 will be based on a 10-nanometer architecture. Intel is about to unveil its Coffee Lake chips during an[…]

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iphone 8 ios 11 renders

Fifth iOS 11 beta available for public testers

Apple also released iOS 11 Beta 6 to developers. The company is releasing the next public and developer releases of iOS 11 (BETA). For developers, there is an update to iOS 11 Beta 6, bringing fixes to Direct TV app and the Store. Furthermore, this beta also fixes issues with the family sharing, audio playback and Notes. The previous version had an issue with the backup in Notes, where the app might be deleted and the Pencil suddenly would stop working after the device is rotated. iOS 11 also gets new icons for Maps and App Store, while the toggle[…]

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dummy iPhone 8

New video reveals iPhone 8 design

Dummy iPhone 8 units have been reviewed in video. Images, renders and video leaks of the upcoming iPhone 2017 lineup have been on the Internet for months now, but this is the first time we see a video review. Despite it shows dummy units, the video below reveals everything about the design of iPhone 8, confirming its edge-to-edge display and the interesting approach at the top. Although they are not real smartphones, but dummy copies instead, we can learn that the design includes stainless steel frame and very thin bezels. As expected, the Home button has been removed, in favor[…]

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