MacBook Pro

New MacBook models set to launch in late 2016

Apple to finally upgrade the MacBook Pro After launching the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in September, Apple is looking to upgrade its MacBook line-up, according to sources familiar with the matter. The much-needed upgraded version of the MacBook Pro could be unveiled sometime in late October, with a market launch in November, writes the website MacRumors. By presenting new models before the end of the year, Apple wants to boost the declining sales of laptops in the holiday season. To be able to upgrade the MacBook line-up, Apple is working closely with hardware partners in order to[…]

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iPhone 7 Line 5 colors

Exploding Galaxy Note 7 has boosted sales of the iPhone 7

26% of the users who returned their Note 7 are buying an iPhone A significant number of the Samsung owners who returned their problematic Galaxy Note 7 handsets are switching to Apple’s iPhone, according to a new survey. Samsung’s ambitions to release a powerful phablet before the iPhone 7 Plus launch have resulted in many problems in the smartphone, most notably in the battery department. Samsung had to recall all the smartphones sold and replace the problematic battery, but meanwhile Apple has slowly rolled out the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in many key markets around the globe. The[…]

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iPhone 7 design

Jet Black iPhone 7 is a market hit, but very hard to find

The jet black casing is difficult to manufacture Just expanding the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus markets to 28, Apple is facing serious stock shortages of the jet black color variants. This color appears to be the most popular among the consumers, despite the fact that the jet black iPhone 7 is prone to scratches. Because of the complexity of the manufacturing process of that particular casing color, including a nine-step anodization and polishing process to create that glossy finish, up to 40% of the units do not meet the quality standards. Overall, iPhone 7 is enjoying a strong[…]

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iOS 10

Cracking an iTunes backup password is much easier in iOS 10 but a fix is coming

Apple working to improve the security of the iTunes backups in iOS 10 The security weakness discovered in iOS 10 by Elcomsoft is connected with the new password verification method Apple has included in the new version of its operating system. It seems that the system skips some security checks and the result is that the iTunes backup is 2500 times more at risk of brute force attacks compared with iOS 9. Elcomsoft has explored iOS 10’s new security check and the conclusion is that even without GPU acceleration the new mechanism for verification is amazingly fast because of these[…]

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iPhone 7 line up

In-store reservations of iPhone 7 limited to members of the Upgrade Program

Only members of the program will be able to reserve an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus Reserve and Pick up from the physical stores is now officially harder for those who want a new iPhone in the United States. The company requires a 24-month installment loan if a user wants to reserve and get the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus from one of the many physical stores around the US. However, many customers were able to place an iPhone reservation and then successfully got their smartphones without being enrolled in the Upgrade program. A customer writes in one[…]

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iOS 10.1 comes with a portrait mode and some improvements

The first iOS 10.1 beta adds a bokeh effect for portraits Apple has rolled out the first public beta of iOS 10.0 to developers. The new version includes a few minor improvements to the operating system and a new feature for photos. Apple to planning to release 10.1 to public testers soon, before the update reaches the Production devices later in 2016. iOS 10.1 Beta 1 allows users to capture photos with an iPhone 7 Plus and its dual-lens camera combo using a mode called ‘Portrait’. It uses the two cameras to produce a nice blurred background for portrait photos.[…]

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ios 10 adoption rate

iOS 10 is already on 35% of all active devices

iOS 10 adoption rate is faster than iOS 9 Apple released iOS 10 a week ago, but the platform has already been installed on 35% of all active devices, according to Mixpanel data. For just over a week, the operating system reached a market share of 35.14%, while the previous version (iOS 9) reached 50% in two weeks. That means we could expect for another week iOS 10 to gain at least 15% and overtake the previous version as the system with the fastest adoption rate. iOS10 can be installed on any iPhone 5s or newer, iPad 2 or newer,[…]

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iPhone 7 black jet

iPhone 7 component costs are $220 for the basic version

iPhone 7 costs higher for Apple than the iPhone 6s Apple will probably earn less from each iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus sold on the market, compared with what Apple earned from the previous generation of phones. According to IHS Markit and their iPhone 7 teardown, the basic model includes components that accounts for $219.80. The component costs for the iPhone 7 are $37 higher than those for the iPhone 6s, which means Apple will earn less for each sale, assuming that the other things are equal. The most expensive component in the new model is the screen –[…]

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iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus hit the stores, the 128 GB variant is the most popular

The new iPhones are now officially on sale Apple’s retail locations and online stores around the world have begun selling the new models, while the first customers have already received their shipments made in the last two weeks. As usual with the iPhone launches, the new smartphones caused plenty of impatient customers lining up around the stores to get a device. Now as a few days has passed, we can learn that the bigger 5.5-inch iPhone is more popular than the 4.7-inch variant in the United States. The initial sales report shows that more than 50% of the customers have[…]

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iOS 10

iOS 10 has been released to everyone

Apple rolls out the official iOS 10 update As promised during the iPhone 7 launch event earlier this month, Apple released the official iOS 10 update to everyone with iPhone 5S or newer on September 13. This update brought problems for those who installed iOS 10 over-the-air in the first hours, bricking their smartphones and prompting a restore via iTunes. Fortunately, the company eliminated the problem very quickly and only a small percent of the devices were affected. iOS 10 is available for your device as an OTA update and you can download it by going to the Settings ->[…]

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