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Text link can freeze your iPhone, but iOS 11.2.5 fixes this bug

Apple releases a new iOS beta that fixes the Messages crash bug. A new bug was found in iOS 11 yesterday, connected with the Messages app. It’s a simple link that goes to a webpage, but you don’t have to click on it at all. Once you receive the link, your messaging app will crash and the device will freeze or reboot. There is a solution to return the phone to a normal state – just close the Messages app and delete the entire conversation, however, it will leave you bad taste in the mouth. Apple has already fixed the[…]

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face +ID

Face ID v2 may reduce the iPhone’s notch in 2019

Apple reportedly looking to improve the design of the iPhone. As the most controversial iPhone change for years, the notch of the new iPhone X may be reduced, but not completely eliminated in the 2019 line. According to unconfirmed reports at the ETNews in Korea, Apple may be combining the Face ID sensors and the front-facing camera in order to make the notch smaller and less annoying. It’s confusing to hear that Apple will try to resolve a problem that has been created deliberately in 2017 in order to make the 10th anniversary model stands out from the crowd. But[…]

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No hope for significant changes in MacBook Pro in 2018

Apple won’t introduce major changes to its MacBook Pro line this year. DigiTimes, a website with pretty good records of Apple leaks in the past, is now reporting that MacBook Pro won’t see major changes this year. According to DigiTimes, Apple is not planning major upgrades for MacBook Pro in 2018, which would leave those wanting for a more significant refresh since 2016 frustrated. The report also claims that Foxconn will have increased number of orders for MacBook machines this year, as the orders for Quanta Computer will be reduced. However, Quanta will remain the major producer of MacBooks, with[…]

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Visa drops the signature requirements for Apple Pay in the Spring

Visa makes signature optional in April. The card-payment company announced today that signature requirements will be dropped for all EMV contact or contactless merchants in North America from April this year. The change will also apply for Apple Pay, so customers won’t have to sign a signature when making a purchase to verify its card. Signatures are optional even now, but often when you purchase something that cost over $25 with a Visa Card, the merchant requires a signature. This is especially common in the United States, while in Canada purchases below $100 won’t have to be verified as a[…]

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Portrait Lighting on iPhone X

Another video highlights the Portrait Lighting on iPhone X

Apple released a new video to promote the Portrait Lighting feature. The company’s official YouTube channel has published a new video focused on the iPhone X and its Portrait Lighting feature. It’s just a 38-second video ad entitled ‘A New Light’. It shows how you can use the iPhone X to create a professional-looking portrait photos without having the necessary equipment and a studio. Apple introduced the Portrait Lighting feature with the iPhone X and 8 Plus in November. Using information from both camera sensors, the device creates unique lighting effects. It’s purely a software trick, as the smartphone cameras[…]

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iPhone 6 Plus battery

iPhone 6 Plus battery replacements delayed until April

Short supply of replacement batteries. Apple announced that all users who want to replace their iPhone batteries could do it from January 2018 for $29, but now it seems that those with the iPhone 6 Plus have to wait a few months. According to Apple, replacement batteries for iPhone 6 Plus are in short supply, and they won’t be available until March or April this year. This applies to the United States and other regions where Apple offers replacements for $29. Other models like the 6S, 7, 7 Plus and SE won’t be affected by short supply, and batteries for[…]

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PDF to Word Converter from the App Store

How To Edit Scanned Documents With Free iOS App

iPhone is praised for its great camera and perfectly looking pictures. When that camera is empowered with some scanning apps that are available on the market, you can get the perfect mobile scanner. The documents made by combining these two features are with top quality and they are no different than the documents made with a desktop scanner. Document scanning has a real-life usage, as most business people use now these apps to scan invoices, receipts and contracts. All those scanned documents are actually PDF documents and by their nature, they can’t be edited easily. The scanned PDFs are even[…]

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Universal App Store

Public and developer iOS 11.2.5 Beta 4 has been released

Apple rolls out under the hood fixes and improvements to iOS 11.2.5 After introducing some new features in iOS 11.2.5 Beta like the ability to play podcasts using Siri, Apple started squishing bugs and improving performance of the OS before the public release. The new, fourth, public and developer beta of iOS 11.2.5 is now available to download with further improvements. Available as an over-the-air update and from the Developer center, iOS 11.2.5 Beta IV allows you to use Siri with HomePod to play audio content like news podcasts from Fox, CNN and other sources. Apple may be releasing another[…]

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iphone x lineup

iPhone sales surge in many countries, but iOS’s market share drops

Apple’s three new iPhones are the best-selling models in November Kantar has published its latest report about the smartphone OS market shares for the three months ending in November 2017. Despite the mixed iOS performance in most of the markets, Apple had three top-selling models in November. iPhone X was outsold by iPhone 8 and 8 Plus from September to November, but as the iPhone X came late to the market, we expect the latter to be officially number 1 in sales in December-January. Samsung’s flagship device, the Galaxy S8 came at the sixth place in the ranking of the[…]

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Apple investors want new parental control features in iOS

Limiting the phone use could be added in future iOS update. We know that smartphones and other gadgets can have a negative physolocial effect on kids, especially if they are used more than 5 hours a day. Apple investors having $2 billion in shares are now demanding more parental control features in iOS. In a new letter, the investors ask Apple to improve the parental control features in iOS. The open letter cites different studies and results, like how the kids are negatively distracted by digital technologies, and how spending more than 3 hours a day on a smartphone can[…]

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