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How to improve your Privacy and security on iOS

Instantly improve your Privacy by tweaking the Settings. We keep so much personal information on our mobile devices that the companies know literally everything about us. Companies like Google, Apple and Microsoft track user’s behavior for the sake of the user experience, to serve more relevant ads, to learn more about our interests, hobbies and more. But this tracking comes at the expense of privacy. That’s why you should carefully consider the potential benefits of all features included in iOS 10. So below, we will teach you how to dramatically improve your privacy using a few simple steps: Disable the[…]

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iPhone 6s models suffer from sudden battery shutdowns

Problems in the manufacturing process lead to unexpected shutdowns. Apple launched a battery replacement program in November for some of the iPhone 6s devices which have been affected by unexpected battery shutdown. The problem affects the iPhone 6s device manufactured between September and October 2015. Now Apple reveals some more details about the problem. It seems that the affected devices contained a battery component exposed to controlled ambient air longer than it should have been. The result is that these batteries may degrade faster and iPhone 6s users may see their phones suddenly shut down. These shutdowns happen if the[…]

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Apple Pay

Apple Pay expands to Spain with support for two banks

The payment service now works in 13 countries. Apple has announced an expansion of its payment solution in Spain. From today, December 1, users in Spain can pay securely using a supported iOS device in select stores and locations in the country. It’s worth mentioning that Apple Pay currently supports only two bank institutions in Spain – American Express and Banco de Santander. Credit and Debit cards issued by these two banks could be added to Apple Pay from day one, while support for more banks is expected to arrive later. After expanding to Spain, Apple Pay now works with[…]

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How to remove text labels for app icons on iOS 10’s home screen

How to temporarily remove the home screen labels on your iPhone. While iOS doesn’t have many customization options, you can’t do much with the appearance of your iPhone or iPad. All iOS devices look the same due to the nature of the platform which doesn’t encourage any changes in the look and feel, especially on the home screen. But after a few simple steps you could make the home screen unique. This tutorial has been developed by iDeviceHelp, and you will need an iOS10 device to temporarily hide the app labels. These labels will disappear until the iPhone / iPad[…]

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How to use a Magnifying Glass to zoom into objects with iOS 10

Activate the Magnifying glass in iOS 10. IOS 10 comes with many new features and improvements for supported iPhones and iPads. Among the new features in iOS 10 is the ability to mega-zoom into objects using the camera. You don’t actually use the main camera app here, but a feature hidden in the Accessibility settings. By enabling the Magnifier you will be able to zoom in more than the stock camera does, and play with many editing options before saving the shot. You can adjust contrast, brightness, or even add a filter to what you are looking on the screen.[…]

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iPhone 8 concept

Rumour: Even the 4.7-inch iPhone 8 may offer wireless charging

Apple is planning a radical new all-glass design for iPhone 2017. We’ve heard it several times already that Apple may be planning to add a wireless charging module to the iPhone 2017. Now the popular Apple analyst Chi Kuo reveals more details about the new models. According to the report, Apple will switch from LCD to OLED display panels for the iPhone 2017, which would trigger demand among high-end users. The future iPhone 8 will not only come with a new type of screen, but also with a completely new all-glass design. Furthermore, Ming Chi Kuo believes that Apple will[…]

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Tim Cook iPhone factory

iPhone 7 sales forecast cut, growth endangered

Supply chain orders have been reduced. The high initial demand for the new iPhone 7 models during the first month after release has forced Apple to ramp up production estimates over the next two quarters. But now it seems that Apple has again changed the sales predictions, from a year-over-year growth to a very low, or even no growth at all. An analysis by Steven Milunovich claims that Apple is lowering the orders to avoid excess of stock in the coming months. The procurement plan for all iPhones combined includes a total number of 74 million units in Q4 2016,[…]

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iOS 10.2 Beta 4 rolls out to Public beta testers and developers

OTA update brings Beta 4 with more improvements and fixes. Apple has unleashed the four public beta of iOS 10.2 to testers and developers. This version doesn’t include new features, but it likely brings further bug fixes and improvements to iPhones and iPads ahead of the official update planned for December. With iOS 10.2, Apple will introduce new options for Music (sort option, Repeat & Shuffle buttons), new backgrounds, redesigned and new emoji, TV app replacing the Videos app, and some other changes. And while iOS 10.2 brings new features, the main 10.0 release was the biggest release ever for[…]

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iPad MOdels

New rumors about a 10.5-inch iPad in 2017

The iPad line-up may have a new 10.5-inch member next year. This is the second time we hear about an upcoming 10.5-inch iPad model in 2017. The new rumor comes from Taiwan, via DigiTimes. According to sources from the supply chain, Apple may announce a 10.5-inch tablet equipped with the A10X processor as part of the hardware refresh of the iPad line for 2017. Apple’s iPad line-up will include a new 10.5 model, positioned as an enterprise / education tablet. According to the source, Apple will mostly try to sell this new tablet to the enterprise sector in the US,[…]

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iPhone 8 concept 2017

All-glass design may allow wireless charging in iPhone 8

Apple is testing wireless charging modules for future iPhones. Apple is expected to introduce a different iPhone in 2018 to mark the 10th anniversary of the first model. This phone, the possible iPhone 8, is rumored to have an all-glass body design and edge-to-edge screen with integrated TouchID. Switching to glass would allow Apple to finally include wireless charging support in the iPhone in 2017, according to the notable researcher Ming Chi Kuo. He believes that Apple will ditch the metal casing and use a single sheet of glass for the upcoming models, something that would eliminate the problems with[…]

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