Cortana gets a fresh new look on iOS

Cortana gets a fresh new look on iOS

Microsoft improved the AI assistant on iOS. Redmond-based software giant keeps improving its software available on non-Windows platforms. Today, Microsoft has rolled out an update to the Cortana app on iOS, introducing the new interface and some welcomed improvements. The new Cortana update focuses on better user experience through a simple, revamped interface. Microsoft says that Cortana has become easier to use on the iOS platform, thanks to its redesigned settings and profile pages. Additionally, Microsoft has improved the performance of Cortana, and squashed some bugs too. Here is the changelog of the update: We are bringing major updates to[…]

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iPhone 8

iPhone 8 production halved as everyone waits the iPhone X

Apple shares drop 2% after the 50% production cut. Apple’s new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus might not be outselling the last year’s iPhone 7/7 Plus, but the company’s biggest weapon has not been launched just yet. The iPhone X, the special model announced along with the regular iPhone 8 line, is coming to the market next month possibly attracting customers with its innovative hardware and software features. We are now hearing that Apple has reduced the orders for the iPhone 8 line for November and December by 50%, which is not unexpected news. But the problem for Apple is[…]

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Gmail app

Gmail for iOS may soon open to third-party email accounts

Gmail beta program for iOS now supports Outlook, Yahoo and other email accounts. Google has recently started a test flight program for Gmail on iOS, allowing approved beta testers to access third-party email accounts like Microsoft’s Outlook or Yahoo. Gmail for iOS never had this functionally, now forcing customers to install other apps if they want to add non-Gmail email accounts. Fortunately, Google may soon open to these alternative email accounts, so you could check multiple emails from a single app. For now, the beta testing is not open to the general public – you have to apply for the[…]

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facebook explore feed

Facebook starts testing ‘Explore Feed’ on desktop and mobile

Explore Feed includes selected posts from people you don’t follow. Facebook has confirmed about a new feature coming soon to everyone visiting the social network from mobile devices or desktop computers. Called ‘Explore Feed’, it aims to provide content that Facebook thinks is suitable for you. In the Explore Feed you won’t see posts, photos and videos from your friends. Instead, this section will let you discover pages and users you might be interested in. Facebook released a statement (via TechCrunch) in which the company explains that popular posts will be automatically customized and presented to you in the new[…]

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whatsapp live sharing location

WhatsApp update introduces ‘Live Location’ in its mobile apps

Encrypted location sharing feature announced for WhatsApp. WhatsApp has unveiled a new feature for its mobile apps on iOS and Android that allows you to share your location with contacts and friends. Called ‘Live Location’ and accessible from the attach button in a chat window, Live Location is a secure way to let friends and family know your exact location. To send a Live Location, you must tap on Attach → Location. You will see a new option called ‘Share Live Location’. Click on it and choose for how long to share your location. Then your contact will be able[…]

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Microsoft Surface Book 2

Surface Book 2 has 17 hours of battery life, compared to 10 hours for MacBook Pro

Microsoft unveils the second-generation of the Surface Book One of the most interesting high-end computers in the market today is the Microsoft Surface, and the line has just got a new model – the Surface Book 2. Improving the first generation by adding a new powerful processor and graphics, Microsoft hopes to attract more premium buyers – competing in the same market niche like Apple with the MacBook Pro. The Surface Book 2 is more powerful than the latest MacBook Pro, having latest 8th Gen Intel Processors and GeForce GTX 1050 or 1060 graphics, depending on the configuration. According to[…]

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ioS 11 screen

iOS 11.1 Beta 3 brings fixes for three issues

The third beta of iOS 11.1 reaches the public testers. Apple is slowly reaching the stage in which iOS 11.1 is usable and ready for the production devices. By rolling out the third beta of the software to developers and public testers, Apple fixes three important issues found in the previous beta releases. According to the changelog for iOS 11.1 Beta 3, Apple has fixed the 3D touch quick action frame rate issues, as well as the reachability of notifications and widgets. Additionally, iOS 11.1 Beta 3 fixes the haptic return for incorrect passwords. This beta doesn’t include a single[…]

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Serious Wi-Fi vulnerability puts billion of devices at risk, but Apple already patched it

KRACK Wi-Fi is a serious security issue. The major vulnerability found recently by KU Leuven in Belgium has been called KRACK Wi-Fi. It affects the WPA2 protocol that encrypts the internet traffic when the device is connected to Wi-Fi networks, possibly putting the device at risk of being hacked. KRACK exploits the weaknesses in the Wi-Fi protocol, so an attacker could steal sensitive information like passwords, credit cards, emails, and more. A hacker could also inject ransomware into website and manipulate data. This vulnerability can affect any device running iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows or Linux, but fortunately your iPhone or[…]

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chip Qualcomm

Qualcomm threatens to ban iPhone sales in China

The chipmaker is trying to block the manufacturing and sale of iPhones Apple and Qualcomm are not best friends. In January this year, FTC filed a lawsuit against Qualcomm, claiming that the chipmaker forced Apple to use its chips for lower patent royalties. Just a few days later, based on the FTC complaint, Apple demanded $ billion from Qualcomm. Now we understand that Qualcomm in turn sues Apple in China, threatening to ban both manufacturing and sale of iPhones in the country. Qualcomm accuses Apple of spreading false facts, and not paying royalty payments after the dispute started in January.[…]

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iPhone 8 plus white

iPhone 8 sales are better than predicted

Foxconn’s revenue increases 42% month-to-month. Apple is not yet sharing details about the sales of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, but the iPhone manufacturer Foxconn is reporting a 42.4% increase in the revenue in September. The year-to-year revenue is actually 3.7% lower, but Apple has only released two of the three new models as the iPhone X will go on sale in November, and its production has just started. It appears that the iPhone 8 production is just a bit lower than last year’s iPhone 7, and Apple could expect a significant increase in the overall sales once the[…]

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