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iPhone 8 may include a function area for virtual buttons and shortcuts

Upcoming OLED iPhone to have a 5.8-inch OLED screen. As you probably know, Apple is going to remove the physical home button from the upcoming iPhone 8 (or X) with OLED display. The new model will come with a new design that can be characterized with an all-glass body and screen taking the entire front. Logically, the Touch ID sensor will also be eliminated along with the Home button, and possibly embedded into the glass. Now, a new report may have shed more light on Apple’s plans for 2017. According to the new information, Apple is going to launch three[…]

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Upcoming iPhone with OLED display to offer longer battery life

New logic board design for longer battery life. Apple’s upcoming iPhone line in September 2017 may consist three new models – two LCD and one premium phone with OLED display. iPhone X or iPhone 8 with an OLED is expected to come in a radically different package embodied in an all-glass design and curved displays around the sides. The new design of the upcoming iPhones, particularly of the OLED version, may allow Apple to offer longer lasting batteries and increased screen size in devices with similar dimensions to the current 4.7-inch model. A new report from KGI Securities informs that[…]

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iPhone 8 concept 2017

Report: all three iPhones in 2017 to have wireless charging

iPhone X, 7 and 7 Plus to offer wireless charging? Another day, another report about the upcoming 2017 iPhones. This time coming from a popular analysts Chi Kue of KGI, the report claims that the 10th anniversary iPhone is designed from the ground to offer many new features including Wireless charging. According to the source, Apple has added a thin graphite layer to eliminate overheating as a result of the charging. Due to the totally different design for iPhone X that includes an all-glass body, and poor heat transfer capabilities of the glass, Apple decided to add an additional layer[…]

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iPhone X concept iPhone 8 OLED

Upcoming 10th anniversary iPhone may break the $1000 barrier

New design and features may increase the price of iPhone 8. Apple’s current top-end smartphone, the 256GB iPhone 7 Plus, already costs the significant $969 without a contract, but the company may soon break the $1000 barrier. According to a report from Fast Company, based on a person familiar with Apple’s plans, the upcoming 10th anniversary model may cost even more than $1000. A rumor has it that Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone may be called iPhone 8 or X, and it will definitely come with a radical new design based on all-glass body and a curved OLED display without bezels.[…]

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iPad Air 2

iPad Air 2 discontinued ahead of new models in 2017

Apple clears stocks of the popular iPad Air 2. Apple has been long rumored to be working on a successor to the iPad Air 2 model as part of the major hardware refresh of the tablet line in 2017. But the company is expected to drop the Air name in 2017, introducing up to three new models, including one that replaces the low-cost Air 2. Now Apple is clearing the Air 2 stocks, in anticipation of upcoming orders for the 2017 iPads. The company is no longer selling some of the Air2 hardware configurations, which is a clear sign that[…]

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YouTube introduces live video streaming to iOS app

Google lets users with over 10,000 subscribers to go live. YouTube has launched a new feature for iPhone and iPad, allowing you to stream live video via the iOS app. The service is initially available only to those users with 10,000 or more subscribers, but once the live streaming goes out of beta, it will be available for everyone on iOS. Similar video streaming options have already been introduced to apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. To go live using YouTube app on iOS, you need to open the app and tap on the camera button. You will see two[…]

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ios 9.3.3

iOS 10.3 Beta 2 released to Developers with a few changes

Apple rolls out a second beta of iOS 10.3. Apple yesterday rolled out the second public beta of iOS 10.3 to developers. A month after Apple released iOS 10.2 to the general public, and two weeks after 10.3 beta 1, registered developers (and soon public testers) can download and install the new beta for testing purposes. iOS 10.3 Beta 2 comes with only minor visible changes compared with beta 1, including a 32-bit app alert and 3 UK WiFi calling. The OS now informs users that old 32-bit apps will not work on future iOS releases. Apple also introduced WiFi[…]

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iPhone display

Apple to start the iPhone 8 production earlier

iPhone 8 to launch in September 2017. Apple is predicting a strong demand for iPhone 8, the 10th anniversary iPhone, in late 2017, and to meet the demand the company may increase the iPhone 8 builds by 300% in June. At the same time, Apple will slowly phase out production of iPhone 7 and SE models over the year, in a preparation for a September iPhone 8 release. According to a report at Tech Trader Daily, Apple wants to ramp up production earlier, in order to resolve any possible problems with the manufacturing and suppliers. This may lead to a[…]

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How to disable Portrait photo duplicates and have more free space

Portrait mode can eat up the space of your iPhone 7 Plus. Apple recently released iPhone 7 Plus models come with a special camera mode called ‘Portrait’. It uses the double-lens camera of the Plus model to capture two photos and then combines them into a single photo with a DSLR-like bokeh effect. Portrait mode is a camera mode included in the Stock camera app. Once you open it, the iPhone 7 Plus or future iPhone models with a dual-camera configuration, will automatically save two images each time you tap the shutter button for a portrait photo. The software automatically[…]

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Google Drive app logo iOS

How to back up contacts & photos and switch from iPhone to Android

Back up contacts, photos and calendars with Google Drive. If you have an Android phone or tablet, and you want to transfer all your contacts, images and calendar from iPhone / iPad, then Google Drive is here to help you make a painless transition. No more cables and a long process of copying files, creating and uploading backups. Google Drive for iOS does all the hard work instead of you. Here are the steps to switch from iOS to Android: Download and install the Google Drive app on iOS. Run Google Drive, sign in using your account. Create an account[…]

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